Trump Thanks Democrats For This Mid-term Gift

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Trump has already issued a heartfelt thank you note to a Democrat who introduced a bill to repeal Republican tax cuts.

In a tweet, Trump outed Rep. Jared Polis from Colorado for doing his part in making sure that the Democrats lose even more seats in November by proving to everyone in the country that the real intentions of the party has nothing to do with the good of Americans.

In the message, Trump wrote:

“A Democratic lawmaker just introduced a bill to Repeal the GOP Tax Cuts (no chance). This is too good to be true for Republicans…Remember, the Nancy Pelosi Dems are also weak on Crime, the Border and want to be gentle and kind to MS-13 gang members…not good!”

Students Over Special Interests Act

The act introduced by Polis is the Students Over Special Interests Act, which would repeal the Tax Cut and Reform bill that was signed around Christmas last year and has already been noticed by workers starting with their pay stubs in February.

Instead of the tax reform, money would be redirected to paying off the student loan debt accrued by students taking expensive, useless degrees.

As part of a press release, Polis said:

“We can cancel out student debt, make college more affordable, and reduce the deficit by replacing the GOP tax plan and its $1.9 trillion in corporate and special interest giveaways with something that actually helps. Let’s do it.”

But, Polis is attempting to look brave, writing back less than one hour later, and asking for moral support for the social media mob.

“I proudly wrote the bill to repeal @RealDonaldTrump’s tax giveaways. Simple choice this election: President and GOP lose by cozying up to corporate special interests. We win by standing up for students, public schools, and families. RT if you agree.

Ooo, scary, the corporate special interests… like the corporations who are re-opening mothballed factories that were shuttered during the Obama era.

The steel tariffs, along with the construction boom thanks to a President who cares about business opportunities, is enough evidence for US Steel CEO David Burritt to make a business decision. Burritt announced that his company would be recalling 500 employees to the US Steel plant in Granite City.

Tax Cut And Reform Bill

When the law was first passed, pro-Trump voters were immediately excited and looked forward to bragging to their Never Trump friends come February when the lower taxes would be visible on pay stubs. In the days and weeks after the bill was passed, corporations announced bonuses and salary raises as 80% of Americans found out that they’d be paying less in taxes.

According to Polis, he believes that the Bill has been raising the tax on families. Here’s what he wrote:

“only one true claim: I did proudly write the bill to repeal your tax scheme. Because your law slashes rates for big corporations/special interests, RAISES taxes on working families, & jacks up health premiums. The exact opposite of that sounds pretty good to me.”

Insanity. But what can we expect from the loser Democrats?

College: Terrible Idea

Of all the bad ways to spend money, college is probably the highest on the list as more and more teenagers realize that older Millennials were sold a dream that could never come true.

While attending college until the 1970s really may have been a proof of intelligence, its value has plummeted as more professors and students make it clear that they’re selling and buying race-baiting worthlessness.

Berkeley’s Student Government is debating a motion to take funds away from the College Republicans and give it to the Black Students’ Union despite concerns that they’d be slapped with a lawsuit.

In the last few weeks, some of the more popular stories out of post secondary is on the number of students who have been hassled by authority over their license to carry firearms.

“A female student found herself dragged in front of campus police after being overheard on a phone call talking about her concealed carry permit. Since Westbrook is known to be a conservative and has continued to be harassed over the incident, she wants to take matters “into [her] own hands.” and use legal action to retaliate.”

Source: Townhall, Twitter, Coloradoan

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