Trump Getting Rid Of Lazy People

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An Obama-appointed Hillary Clinton-loving union leader is screaming bloody murder over a series of Trump policies that will prevent federal unions from wasting untold millions of taxpayer dollars.

The Executive Orders will make it easier for federal parks to hire more tour guides and make it easier to get rid of union employees who spend most of their salaried time sleeping on the job.

In a statement, Trump said that the new orders aim to “empower our civil servants to best help others” by changing expectations from the government to promote efficiency and security.

Executive Order on Federal Sector Collective Bargaining

The full title of the order is the Executive Order Developing Efficient, Effective, and Cost-Reducing Approaches to Federal Sector Collective Bargaining.

This order urges departments to develop “efficient, effective, and cost-reducing collective bargaining agreements.”

“[Collective bargaining agreements] often make it harder for agencies to reward high performers, hold low-performers accountable, or flexibly respond to operational needs. Many agencies and collective bargaining representatives spend years renegotiating CBAs, with taxpayers paying for both sides’ negotiators.”

As an example of the slow nature of CBAs, the EO mentions that there are “prolonged negotiations” before making even small changes, such as the relocation of an office.

Executive Order on Recreation on Federal Lands

The full title of the order is the Executive Order on Exemption from Executive Order 13658 for Recreational Services on Federal Lands.

So, this order grants exemptions to a previous order signed on February 12th, 2014, which established a minimum wage for contractors.

The order, by extension, granted a minimum wage to people who conduct guided tours or similar operations on federal lands, often giving “multiday recreation tours” that includ “substantial overtime orders.”

The previous order, EO 13658 would stand to “significantly” raise the “cost of guided hikes and tours on Federal lands” which would in turn prevent many people from participating. These guided tours have irregular hours, lots of overtime, lots of turnover and are seasonal.

So, by imposing a minimum wage, these irregular workers would see a negative effect because they would get less worse. So while the minimum wage will continue to apply to people working in hospitality in the parks (such as food servers), it will no long apply to ” contracts or contract-like instruments entered into with the Federal Government in connection with seasonal recreational services or seasonal recreational equipment rental for the general public on Federal lands.”

Examples of “seasonal recreational services” include youth camps, mountaineering activities, river running and fishing contractors.

Executive Order on Taxpayer Funded Union Time Use

The full title of the order is the Executive Order Ensuring Transparency, Accountability, and Efficiency in Taxpayer Funded Union Time Use.

This order is helped to remind “executive branch employees [that they] should spend their duty hours performing the work of the Federal Government and serving the public.”

The major tweak is that union employees must “spend at least 75% of their paid time” on actual work, or on necessary training needed to maintain their duties with the government agency.

That is, union employees may spend no more than 25% of their paid work hours working on union business instead of government business.

Explaining the Executive Orders

Trump assistant and the Director of the Domestic Policy Council, Andrew Bremberg said that the new orders would:

“…make it easier for agencies to remove poor-performing employees and ensure that taxpayer dollars are more efficiently used.”

Andrew Bremberg was also a media contact during the wave of changes to SNAP and EBT last month. He first caught Trump’s attention while working in the team that reversed the regulations imposed by Obama in the dying days of his regime under the direction of Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Union Furious: No More Free Rides!

Jeffrey Cox of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is calling the executive order changes a “direct assault on the legal rights and protections that Congress has specifically guaranteed to the two million public-sector employees across the country who work for the federal government.”

Here’s J. David Cox meeting Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine like an old friend:

And here he is praising Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a good friend of Hillary Clinton who used his connections to fund his wife’s electioneering:

…and here he is wearing pro-Hillary Clinton stickers before election day.

Boy, he must be sour that Hillary lost.

I’d post photos of his home, but you and I both know that union leaders and other socialists like Bernie Sanders like to downplay their personal belongings, wearing cheap clothes in public in order to look like men of the people while hoarding it all for themselves.

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Trump 2020! Unions should be happy to see that they now have the power to get rid of their bottom employees, but fewer union members means fewer dues. Fewer dues means less money to donate to the Democrats, and less money to be taken in salary by the leadership.

Sources:, Wall Street Journal

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