President Barack Obama’s Legacy: ‘It’s Like I Wasn’t Even Here’

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Thanks to the democratic process, the White House can be a real fixer-upper.

And Trump has been tearing out everything that Obama installed in order to start fresh with less regulation and a stronger presence on the world stage.

Trump’s Amazing, Fantastic, Banner Week

It feels like Trump has been President forever based on everything he’s accomplished so far.

No president in my memory — which really only goes from Clinton to now — can claim such a resume over eight years, and Trump has been going through his to-do list faster than anyone could’ve hoped for.

Of course, we’re still waiting for the wall.

But in the last week alone Donald Trump has freed three American hostages from North Korea, set a date to meet with Kim Jong-un, destroyed the Iran Nuclear Deal and in the process threw Obama, Kerry and Hillary into fits of rage, announced a major overhaul to the way that Americans pay for prescription drugs and announced the low black unemployment rate in the history of its data collection.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

At the start of Trump’s term, there were a few issues I told myself that were made worse under Obama that Trump would have to fix, namely runaway immigration and its good friend gang violence in the form of MS-13, along with other concerns including the jay-vee ISIS team.

Trump is still fighting with California (and is being supported by several other states) in the push to expel violent illegals, but the fact that small towns in California are also banding against their state is good news.

One of the first cold shocks to international leaders includes the pulling of support from the Paris climate accords, a deal that was signed on to please the rest of the world instead of to help American businesses. Did we mention that April was one of the coldest ones on record, because global warming isn’t real and that theses climate change conferences and Earth Day are scams to extort money? Did you even notice Earth Day this year?

As much as Obama and the Democrats hate it, one of the beauties of the fascist-proof Constitution is that bad policy can be pulled up by the roots to allow Americans to live for themselves.

Iran Nuke Deal Gone, Blood Is In The Democrat Party Water

As the Iran Nuclear Deal slipped away, the Democrats flipped their lids knowing that their other centerpieces can be picked off just as easily.

While John McCain is one of the chief reasons that Obamacare is still on the table, Trump has handed down an executive order to the IRS to stop pushing the mandate saying that every person must be covered.

The loss of the deal will make it harder for the Democrats to point to past achievements when it comes time for the 2020 election. The millennials that voted for Racial Healing Ken Doll are turning away from the Democrats as they become parents and homeowners and realized that money is important and that taxes can eat a yuge part of your paycheck.

Democrats are turning more socialist, which is not what their voters want.

They’ve already tried offering free tuition and calling ICE off of illegals, and that didn’t work. So they’ll just keep getting more and more extreme. Good!

Well, except for the part where young voters are woefully informed on the Holocaust and therefore don’t understand why it’s wrong to take guns away. That’s going to be a sticky issue when the Parkland exploitation squad turns up to vote.

Obama Broke It, Trump Is Riding The Checks and Balances To Another Term

In a nutshell, Obamacare appropriated $7 billion every year to be handed over to insurance companies. While the law is still there — as mentioned before — Trump has told the IRS to ignore one aspect of Obamacare, which is the mandate that everyone must have insurance. So, if you don’t declare coverage, you will no longer be dinged by the feds.

What took “bureaucratic bulldozing” instead of legislation was undone with a signed sheet of paper from the Resolute desk.

Going forward, we will see more aspects of Obama’s presidency coming to a close as Trump continues to win bigly and make his own history.

Source: The New York Post

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