Oregon Bar Holds Event Where Whites Pay For Minorities to Get Drunk in Safe Spaces. This is Not a Joke, but is Kind of Sick

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Founded by a self-described ‘queer,’ the event asked whites to stay home but to donate money to fuel the drinking.

On Monday night, a bar in Portland, Oregon asked white customers to stay away while they opened their doors to black Americans and “people of color”

The meet was organized by an activist group called Brown Hope, saying that since Portland is a mostly white city, they wanted to give non-whites a chance to “meet, organize, discuss public policy” and to also plan future events.

Brown Hope is the brainchild of queer vegetarian Cameron Whitten, a man who is currently trolling Twitter looking for attention from the media.

The only difference between Cameron Whitten and Shaun King is that Whitten is actually black, and that’s probably what’s working against him. Those racist left-wingers only care about the white skinned blacks!

Organizer Cameron Whitten

On Twitter, Whitten refers to himself:

Proud Uncle | Queer | Vegetarian | Public Official | Civic Entrepreneur | Nonprofit Leader | Citizen Journalist | Kombucha Addict | #PDXCarpet Guy | #BLM

What does all that mean?

According to Research Gate, “the notion of civic entrepreneurship is far from established as a clear concept.”

Kombucha is that weird drink made out of fermented mushrooms that hippies swear by.

PDX Carpet refers to the hideous carpeting that once exsited in the Portland airport. Senator Jeff Merkley even has a piece of the carpet for his office in Washington.

And of course, BLM is Black Lives Matter.

Add all up that up and the “queer vegetarian” isn’t so far off the mark.


So far, social media from users across the racial spectrum have been protesting this particular method of “reparations.” Here are some sames from users:

What in the special Hell… Reparations Happy Hour? Really?? How about addressing inequalities in pay, housing and education? You know, something taht’ll make a meaningful different. How about stop shooting/arresting us for just going about our business trying to live our best life?”

“This belittles the whole argument for reparations. It’s not a joke or a happy hour. It’s a legitimate demand of an oppressed people for who ENSLAVED. F**k your measly $10. People of Color is not interchangeable with BLACK People. F**k whoever thought this would be cute.

“People who aren’t (and have never been) slave owners paying for people who aren’t (and have never been) slaves……yeah it all makes a lot of sense……and it definitely won’t nurture more pathology or anything like that…..”

“No one alive today has been touched by slavery, yet this liberal nonsense goes on. Isn’t victimization great!?!”

At least the story has legs for jokes:


Ten bucks for slavery that happened two centuries ago isn’t much of a fix, considering that millions of people have poured into the country since then, and considering that the slave owners in the South were left devastated in poverty after the Civil War, and considering that accepting ten bucks for drinks is an insult to the men and women who lived and died as slaves.

Meanwhile, Trump is making real progress.

In April, the unemployment rate over all groups was 3.9%, the lowest since 2000.

And the black unemployment rate dipped to 6.6%, which is the lowest since the federal government started tracking the data.

Another Happy Hour Being Planned

With over 100 people donating to the first Happy Hour (both white and non-white), Whitten wants to turn it into a regular event.

Right now, another Happy Hour is being planned for June 20th at a bakery.

The bakery, called Back To Eden was the site of an alleged racist incident. In May of this year, a black woman was allegedly denied service after closing time, despite — allegedly — staff continuing to serve white customers.

Since the incident, two employees have been fired.

Despite being a bakery — a gluten-free one at that — they still sell booze along with vegan pizza and other expensive nonsense.

The same bakery put out a New Year’s notice wishing everyone a “progressive New Year” while listing their resolutions as looking forward to celebrating diversity and alleviating suffering. So I’m sure the owners — two gay white guys — are falling over themselves to showcase what wonderful, socially progressive good people they are.

Sources: Research Gate, Twitter, Daily Mail, Back to Eden Bakery

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