Obama’s Secretary of Education: Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks

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Obama’s old Education Secretary is reduced to Twitter instead of CNN in order to present his latest, hottest, freshest take.

While the nation is still reeling over the mass shooting incident at a Houston high school on Friday, Arne Duncan of the Obama era decided to ride on the deaths by tweeting out his idea for fixing the evil gun problem: Everyone in the nation should pull their kids from school.

On social media, Peter Cunningham, the former Assistant Secretary of Education wrote this:

“Maybe it’s time for America’s 50 million school parents to simply pull their kids out of school until we have better gun laws.”

Everything about this makes me angry, especially the juvenile, feminine use of “maybe.” He talks like a stereotypical teenager talking back to his mom! “Son, clean up your room.” “Maybe you can clean it up, mom, if you want it to look better.”

Anyway, this is how Duncan responded:

“This is brilliant, and tragically necessary.
What if no children went to school until gun laws changed to keep them safe?
My family is all in if we can do this at scale.
Parents, will you please join us?”

What If? What If? Another juvenile post with no real answers. Every day I wake up and I’m happy that it’s Trump and not the wishy-washy Democrats who complain but give no solid, workable solutions. Pulling tens of millions of kids out of school won’t get 2A repealed, you absolute fool.

Case Study: Teacher’s Strike Has Kids Learning New Social Skills

Earlier this year, a teacher’s strike in West Virginia took around two weeks to solve. During that time, tens of thousands of kids were without daily structure, and the media reported their newfound social experiences as if it were a bad thing. For the first time without relying on adults to coach, referee and plan, kids were organizing their own sports games with their friends. Faced with boredom for the first time in their lives, they realized that video games aren’t fun to play for days at a time, and soon they were replaced with sleepovers.

Boredom is good for kids.

If you pull every child from the school system and don’t give them structure, it won’t cause parents push to repeal 2A or push for gun restrictions. It will have parents wonder why they’re sending their kids to learn about racism and New Math and trannys when their kids could be learning to entertain themselves and form social structures without the aid of adults.

Arne Duncan, Please Go Away

The name of Arne Duncan isn’t at the front of anyone’s minds when they think of Barack Obama, but he was fully committed to pushing Common Core.

What a shame to look back and see that only conservative outlets singled out Arne Duncan as being the guy pushing for the disastrous, brainless Common Core while liberal papers praised the Education Department and Barack for the move.

In 2013, Duncan:

“…threatened… to withhold federal aid from California schools if state lawmakers pass legislation that essentially suspends standardized testing of students for one year, while schools transition to a Common Core-based curriculum.”

Duncan said that the transition year was the wrong thing for the state to do, and that his department would be “forced to take action” including holding back education money from the state. Talk about federal authority where it doesn’t belong!

NEW: Duncan Back In News Thanks To Dead Students

Surely breathing a sigh of relief that he can once again be relevant and special, Duncan took the massacre in Texas and turned it into a media blitz opportunity for himself. While being interviewed on Saturday, he said that while it’s “wildly impractical and difficult” — when has that stopped a Democrat? — to pull all kids from school, it’s also:

“…wildly impractical and difficult that kids are shot when they are sent to school.”

Yeah, when you go to school you get one complementary shot from an “assault rifle.” Sure.

Duncan works with Chicago Cred, an anti-gun violence group in Chicago that has done a wonderful job in causing more and more gun violence in Chicago than was ever imagined by even the cruelest man.

Duncan is “open to other ideas,” of course, but “not open to doing nothing.” Well, maybe it’s time that you try a real retirement on for size. Maybe take up shooting and learn what a gun is really like.

Joe Biden Joins In To Call Republicans Jerks

The bodies of the murdered victims were still warm, and parents were still looking for information when social media was flooded with left wingers looking to get themselves in on the weekend news cycle. Parkland students David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez pushed people towards voter registration to vote “these people” (pro 2A) out, saying that “thoughts and prayers” isn’t enough.

But former Veep Biden implying that everyone who disagrees with him is not a “decent” person takes the cake:

He and his good friend Barack were in charge for eight years and oversaw wars and the escalation of violence along with the resurrection of race riots, but still, he’s here making himself heard.

Source: Twitter, Washington Post

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