Now There’s a Second Obama Mole Spying on the Trump Campaign

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A former Trump campaign adviser is ringing the alarm bell that there were two moles in the 2016 campaign, not just one.

According to Michael Caputo, who has worked for politicians from Ronald Reagan to Vladimir Putin, he was approached by two different sources in May 2016 and he is only now cluing in that they were plants from Obama. So far this week, Caputo has spoken to both Fox and Friends and to Tucker Carlson about the incidents.

First Approach

The first incident was an alleged former government contractor who contacted him through a middleman, saying that he had access to the deleted Hillary Clinton emails because they were in the possession of a government agency. The contractor claimed to be a whistleblower and wanted to send the emails to the Trump campaign.

But, Caputo reports that during his correspondence, he told this contractor to go through a more standard whistleblowing process and release the emails widely instead of handing them to the Trump campaign. At the time, Caputo figured that the emails would be classified and it would be therefore risky to handle them.

This week, CNN has been running damage control, saying that the contact with the contractor was really just a “seemingly impromptu suggestion at a cocktail party in 2016” stemming from a rumor that the deleted emails were still around.

The contractor has been speaking to CNN about the exchange, calling the allegation “insanity” and saying that he “made no offer,” just a “cocktail party statement.”

Second Approach

While Caputo believes that the NSA was involved in the first offer, for legal reasons, the second approach is low on details.

Speaking with Tucker Carlson, Caputo said:

“There’s another approach to me that was done in late May by somebody who I believe was organized by the investigators. I can’t talk about it on television because the Mueller team wanted to talk about it a lot — so much that it sounded like they were the authors of it.”

Confirmed Mole in Trump Campaign

This weekend, Trump tweeted this information, built on the knowledge base of Rudy Giuliani who was recently hired to work for the man himself:

“Apparently the DOJ put a Spy in the Trump Campaign. This has never been done before and by any means necessary, they are out to frame Donald Trump for crimes he didn’t commit. Really bad stuff!”

The left wing papers aren’t even arguing the point anymore, saying that it was good to spy on Trump ’cause he’s a shady fella.

Here’s Lou Dobbs with Dr. Sebastian Gorka to talk more about the mole, saying that it wasn’t enough to use a “phony Dossier” to spy on the Trump campaign.

Michael Caputo

Born in 1962, Mike Caputo has worked with Republicans in the White House since the days of the Reagan administration. As well, he moved to Russia to work with Boris Yeltsin and as a media consultant to Vladimir Putin. Before taking on a role of a Trump campaign adviser, he worked in the Ukraine and for Carl Paladino’s 2010 bid for the governship of New York. He learned many of his tricks from Roger Stone Jr.

Caputo left the Trump campaign after being public with his disapproval when Donald Trump replaced his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski with Paul Manafort.

Due to this experience in the early 2000s working to improve Putin’s image in the United States, Caputo was investigated by the US House Permanent Selection Committee on Intelligence.

Not to be confused with the West Virginia politician Mike Caputo.

Caputo and the Intelligence Committee

When Mike was being investigated by House and Senate intelligence committees, and by Robert Mueller about the first report of the emails, he said that the groups didn’t “seem the bit interested” in hearing more about the contractor’s offer.

As for the second incident, he said that Robert Mueller’s agents were interested, and they questioned him about the incident two weeks ago — the same incident that Caputo believes was “authored” by the Mueller team.

Caputo on Fox

Here’s the one minute video of Caputo appearing on Fox News on Tuesday discussing Clapper’s remarks and talking about a second mole.

Ingraham introduces:

“…you see a pattern here? Former Obama administration officials justifying spying on, surveilling, whatever you want to call it, putting a mole in on an opposing campaign in a hotly contested election. Final Thoughts?”


Sources: Fox News, PJ Media, CNN

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