Looks Like Pennsylvania Is Turning Its Back On American Values

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Socialism is coming to a state near you in the form of four communist candidates who won Democratic primaries last night.

The four candidates are part of a group called the Democratic Socialists of America, who have been quietly building their membership for years without letting us in on who’s funding their activities.

Curious things have happened since the election of Donald J. Trump, and while the talking heads on television think that the war is over, the people on the ground have been guessing that it would get worse before it gets better. The Democrats have already tried offering free tuition, free citizenship and free gender swaps, but they’re losing the millennials that sent Obama to victory:

In their efforts to woo back Millennials, Democrats are getting it exactly wrong. They’re looking to repeal the Tax Cut and Reform Bill and are out-of-step with voter beliefs on immigration. Mostly, they’re looking to produce more people (illegals) to pump up their own voting base while trying to make sure there’s enough money to fund government offices staffed by friends and to pay for old age security.

Now, the DSA is taking it a step further by being less coy about their beliefs in communism.

The group was formed around sixty years ago, and at a dinner in Chicago in 2013 they had to keep telling media that they were not “radical,” despite their praise for unions who have been turning to public organization instead of just looking at their own membership.

We at Joe For America have been covering the rise of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), including attorney Franklin Bynum running for the Harris County Criminal Court judgeship in Texas and Kaniela Ing, a Hawaiian man who refuses to answer questions about whether he is a socialist.

Pittburgh DSA Celebrates Wins

On Twitter, the Pittsburgh PA chapter of the DSA hyped up the fact that they have gone from seven members in 2016 to now getting involved in the electoral process while advertising their next meeting to take place at the end of the month.

The meeting is advertised as follows, with the addition of childcare too:

“To raise chapter funds, we are hosting a pay-what-you-can potluck at the meeting location. Feel free to bring and share any baked goods or finger foods! RSVP to see the list of what everyone’s bringing and add yourself!”

Free childcare? Free food? Free entry?

…but who’s going to pay for all that, and what happens if nobody brings anything but an appetite?

[FLASHBACK 2015: Do Hillary and Bernie Represent the New Progressive Socialist Party?]

The Winners Themselves

The four winners of Democratic primaries for seats in the state’s House were all women:

  • Summer Lee
  • Sara Innamorato
  • Elizabeth Fiedler
  • Kirstin Seale

Two of the women were in Philadelphia, which is considered a Democratic stronghold, which means they have a very good chance of getting into the House in November. The victory is also being taken as a feminist one, because the women all won over male candidates.

Kirstin Seale will be running against the Republican incumbent, Rep. Chris Quinn.

According to Arielle Cohen, a co-chairwoman of the local DSA chapter:

“It feels like a monumental shift. We won on popular demands that were deemed impossible. We won on health care for all; we won on free education… We’re turning the state the right shade of red tonight.

And that “right shade of red” is communism.

Even the logo of the DSA is a red rose, which has been heavily associated with communism since the vile system of government was invented more than a century ago.

On Twitter, the comments are generally from capitalists, whether they be conservative, Republican, or Democrats who haven’t realized that their party is completely bonkers.

“Good job you are now on the path to become California, Oregon, Washington like.. homeless everywhere, high taxes and [high] unemployment.. kudos for not learning that socialism doesn’t work.. ask Venezuela.”

“Yeah cause Venezuela is working out so well”

“And all the socialists were for Hitler also before WWII. And we know how that turned out!”

Venezuela is falling apart, with residents stuck breaking into zoos to eat the exotic animals and catching rats for the rest.

In a conversation published today by the left-wing kooks at Democracy Now, two talking heads discuss the primary results, with a Ryan Grim from the left-wing site The Intercept saying:

“And so, …in Pennsylvania [the Democratic Socialists of America] will put to the test in November something that the left has always said, that the way to win some of these swing seats is not with a former Republican… [but by finding a candidate who will publicly agree on things including] “…a $15 minimum wage, for free college, for Medicare for all, proudly pro-choice… and then let voters make a choice.”

And it’s only going to get worse.

Source: Fox News, Huffington Post, Democracy Now

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