John McCain Has No Class

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Sarah Palin was rated more likable than John McCain during their doomed campaign, and now she’s reacting sadly to the news that McCain never wanted her in the first place.

While clearly disappointed by the mean comments lodged against Palin in McCain’s upcoming memoir, Palin takes the most generous position humanly possible and says that maybe it was John’s ghost writer who is mean, not John himself.

Still, says Palin, it’s a “perpetual gut-punch” to read one thing after McCain had, for years, told her the polar opposite.

Let’s run through what McCain wrote, a bit about his long-time ghostwriter before heading into Palin’s comments and her current projects.

McCain’s New Book and Hillary Loving Ghostwriter

While the new book due out at the end of the month titled The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights and Other Appreciations is not the first memoir authorized by McCain, it’s likely his last due to his stage 4 brain cancer diagnosis.

The book has a co-author in the form of Mark Salter, a man who has worked to craft McCain’s messages since the late 1990s and was heavily involved in the disaster campaign of 2008.

An Amazon review on one of their previous co-authored works called their past offering “flat” and “so overtly self-congratulatory that one cannot help but think that McCain might as well taken the little time he spent on this and just petitioned to have his face carved on Mt. Rushmore.”

As for the new book,

“John McCain and Mark Salter try to use emotional language to set the reader up into what will be the inevitable conclusion: That Trump is a jerk, and that he totally deserved to win in 2008 and you should all be down on your knees thanking him for his brilliant leadership.

After releasing one excerpt through Apple of iPhone fame, his next drop was to the unfriendlies in the left-wing media instead of to a conservative outlet:

“In the book, the two-headed McCain and Salter agree that John had leaned toward picking Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a Democrat-turned-Independent from Connecticut. The revelation that McCain wanted someone other than Palin was handed over to the left wing turkeys at the New York Times.”

The double barreled author says that it was a “gut” feeling of McCain’s that made him want to choose Lieberman, despite Lierberman’s pro-abortion stance. But with advisers stepping in to say that McCain should at least attempt to find someone that won’t infuriate Republicans, he was forced to go along with Palin… who ended up polling higher than McCain and even Joe Biden in favoritability with the electorate.

In the Past: Palin Calls McCain Loyal

As recently as 2017 right after his cancer diagnosis, Palin said to Tucker Carlson of McCain that he is a “fighter” and he uses “hardship as fuel to endure.” McCain “embodied loyalty” towards her and the Palin family, and that:

“If I were going to war, I wouldn’t just want him on my side, I’d want him leading the charge.”

She continued to say positive things about the man, saying that they had just spoken and the two always “have a good laugh.”

Sarah Palin Responds This Week

Sarah Palin has caught up on the excerpts from the book, and was recently quizzed by MSNBC for her opinion on the betrayal.

“That’s not what Sen. McCain has told me all these years, as he’s apologized to me repeatedly for the people who ran him campaign — some [of whom] now staff MSNBC, the newsroom here, which tells you a lot.”

But now, McCain is being openly two-faced about the Palin decision. Disloyal til the end!

“It’s not a real fun thing that part of my job is the requirement [to] read the news every day.”

Palin Interprets The Mean Comments Positively

In an act of charity, Palin says that she’s going to “attribute a lot of what we’re hearing and reading regarding McCain’s statements to his ghostwriter [Mark Salter.]”

Palin went on to say that due to his condition, and due to her knowledge of what it’s like to have “people speak for [her]” she won’t put stock into it until she hears it from McCain himself.

But still, she said it’s a “perpetual gut-punch” to take in the betrayal.

On social media, Palin linked to an article discussing McCain’s comments and tweeted “The kind words are appreciated.” Whether she was being sarcastic about the “kind words” is up for debate.

Some of the responses to Palin:

“You turned a very full campaign into a rock concert. I remember that campaign well. McCain lost because of McCain.”

“The only thing McCain had going for him was Sarah Palin.

Along with her husband since 1988, Todd Palin, Sarah has five children and four grandchildren. She is still active in public life as a speaker and her endorsements are well appreciated by political candidates, including Trump himself.

Sources: Fox News, The Daily Mail, Sarah Palin Official Website

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