Illinois: The State of Liberals. Tolerance, Community Organizing and Nazis

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A 34-year-old man has been arrested in connection to leaving hundreds of swastikas sprayed painted in and around a cemetery.

After more than 200 headstones were vandalized with black spray paint, workers in Glen Carbon, Illinois are busy cleaning up the monuments in preparation for Memorial Day because the Sunset Hills Cemetery is home to the graves of more than 1,300 veterans.

Grounds superintendent Mark Johnson said of the vandalism that occurred on Friday night:

“We haven’t seen anything of this magnitude in the 30 years that I’ve been here… It’s all hands on deck to try to get this thing cleaned up by Monday.”

On Saturday morning, after hearing the news that someone had left more than 200 squiggly swastikas in the same cemetery where some of his family is buried, John Lake commented that it’s just not right to “disrespect the dead like that.”

Glen Carbon has a population of just over 12,000 people and the village is home to a Doughboy statue memorializing the contribution of the young men from the community who served during World War 1. The statue was originally erected in November 1920 and stands in the nearby Glen Carbon Cemetery.

Suspect Caught

With the cemetery owner now wondering if he should be buying security cameras, but for now they’re all busy with powerwashers.

Police were able to track the stupid criminal down because he appears to have gone on a journey spraying swastikas all over town, because nine homes and a vehicle were also marked up. One of the homes near the scene had surveillance footage that the police were able to use to catch the man. One neighbor, Kent Marty, noticed the damage during an early morning walk.

“It’s a complete disregard for people’s personal property.”

Footage Released

Local people were able to nab the suspect by releasing the footage gathered by a homeowner. According to the police department, they will be able to release more information after criminal charges are filed.

Property Damage Suspect

***UPDATE***Edwardsville and Glen Carbon Police Officers have taken a 34 year old white male subject into custody for this incident. Further information will be released after criminal charges are filed. We would like to thank those who shared this post and called with Information. The fact the citizens of Glen Carbon and Edwardsville refuse to compromise with crime is greatly appreciated by both police departments. Our agency is investigating property damage complaints. Below is a video of the possible suspect. Please take a look, if you recognize the individual please contact us at 618-656-2131.

Posted by Edwardsville Police Department on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Swastikas? Really?

When I hear about swastika vandalism I assume it’s an idiot, and then I assume he’s targeting Jewish sites. But a quick look at the surnames of the headstones that were hit — Bosma, Taylor, Blume, Price, Phillips, Branding — those aren’t all traditionally associated with people of Jewish descent, so I have to assume this guy is stupider than I can guess.

Last year with the rash of Confederate statues being torn down in a fit of liberal outrage, a common theme popped up of idiots comparing Confederate symbols to swastikas.

“You don’t care about having hate flags on your wall?” Franklin said, approaching store employees as she filmed. “It’s a symbol of slavery, it’s like having a Swastika on your wall.”

A man at this point that Franklin was harassing with her video camera and taunting then started to respond to her carrying on and told the woman she needed to learn her history, completely denying that the Confederate flag- which was a rug in this case – was a symbol of hate.

The famous “everyone I don’t like is Hitler, everything I don’t like is a swastika” defense.

Trump and Memorial Day

Last year, thousands of motorcyclists gathered in Washington for the annual Rolling Thunder meant to “educate, facilitate and never forget those service members that were abandoned after the Vietnam War.”

The ride is over 30 years old now, and started with 2500 riders but is reaching nearly a million participants. Last year Rex Tillerson joined the men and women on their ride, and video was posting showing “the nation’s top diplomat intermingling with riders as he was preparing his bike for the ride.

In 2015, with Obama in the White House, a triple amputee veteran named Brian Kolfage said that Memorial Day had become a disgrace.

“Think about it. Turn your TV on and listen to the messages that is being told. It’s all to sell crap that doesn’t benefit any Gold Star family, veterans, and doesn’t raise awareness for the main problems that these groups face today.

Instead of using this ‘holiday’ to raise awareness and help other veterans, we have all allowed it to go down the drain and straight into the dumpster.”

At the time, 22 veterans were committing suicide every year. Surely Trump, who has been working to clean up the VA since taking office, will be ready and willing to bring up these sensitive topics tomorrow.

Source: KMOV

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