Hamas Killing Their Own To Stick It To Israel

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Hamas is proudly turning away truckloads of humanitarian aid from Israel. The medical products are sorely needed, but Hamas would rather kill their people than accept the help.

There’s not much good in crying to the international community that your people in Palestine are suffering daily abuse from the Israelis while also accepting free goodies that will help heal the people who were hurt in the weeks-long protest against Israel.

In this photo from summer 2016, a truck loaded with supplies from Turkey arrives at the Kerem Shalom border crossing on its way to the Gaza Strip. At the time, Palestinians had damaged the same infrastructure that they damaged again this past week, blocking goods from entering the Strip.

The Israeli truck was one of several that was attempting to help the Palestinians, who are currently relying on specially-organized convoys after destroying the checkpoint that normally allowed goods to flow into the region.

Palestinians Destroy Own Pipeline, Border Crossing

On the south border of the Gaza Strip is the Kerem Shalom crossing, which is equipped with airport style screening equipment and is the major center for the movement of goods and supplies.

Last weekend, Palestinian supporters attacked the crossing, destroying the conveyor belt used to move supplies along with other necessary equipment and even setting fire to a pipeline… a pipeline that led into Gaza, effectively ruining their own fuel supply.

As a response, the Israelis closed down the border crossing for repairs but have promised to allow eight trucks filled with supplies to enter the territory while they’re busying fixing the damage.

In the last few weeks, the Israeli Defense Force has developed new drone technology that has allowed them to protect an airborne threat from Palestine in the form of “fire kites,” which have been flown over the border attached to Molotov cocktails and fuel.

According to Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, the attacks to the Kerem Shalom crossing caused more than $8.3 million American in damage. It was the second time in the last two weeks that the crossing had been set on fire.

Fallout From Weeks-Long ‘March Of Return’

Starting on Passover, the ‘March of Return’ kicked off on March 30th of this year and has seen tens of thousands of Palestinian supporters agitating and attacking Israel. The March culminated in the deaths of dozens of Palestinians on the day of The Nakba, or ‘The Catastrophe’ which is also the anniversary of the creation of the Israeli state.

On Monday, with Ivanka and Jared in Jerusalem to celebrate the opening of the US Embassy, freshly moved from Tel Aviv, Palestinians attacked the border and were killed after being warned for months against attacking the sovereignty and border of Israel.

In the last few weeks, the Israeli Defense Force has developed new drone technology that has allowed them to protect an airborne threat from Palestine in the form of “fire kites,” which have been flown over the border attached to Molotov cocktails and fuel.

Hamas Turning Away Israeli Help

Of the eight total trucks sent to Gaza, four were from the Palestinian Authority (paid for by your tax dollars!), two were from UNICEF (again, that’s you!) and two were from Israel. When Hamas found out that two of the trucks were courtesy of the IDF, they turned the freebies away.

According to the IDF, the denied trucks included:

  • 14,000 units of IV fluids
  • 40 medical basins
  • 20 medical examination couches
  • 25 stands for IV infusions
  • 85,000 disinfectant pads
  • 12,500 bandages

Hamas sends fire kites, Israel sends field medical equipment.

Interior of one of the trucks carrying approved medical equipment into Gaza.

Gaza Running Out Of Supplies

The pride of turning away basic supplies will not turn out well for the injured.

According to the emergency department’s director in Shifa Hospital in Gaza, they’re running out of supplies. Ayman Al-Sahabani said:

“We are talking about 25 times the capacity of the emergency department, with all the big challenges and the shortage of medicine and medical supplies that has reached critical levels… A lot of these patients are waiting their turn to enter the operating rooms”

Bring it up with Hamas.

Causalities and The Blame Game

The United Nations is taking the side of the Palestinians and they have been since the start of the March. But, after weeks of debate from the Security Council, Nikki Haley has overridden a resolution to investigate Israel for the alleged used of excessive force in repelling the Palestinians.

A few years back, Hamas gleefully announced the graduation of 13,000 boys from “suicide bomber” school, but are now crying foul at the deaths of the same people who were shot by Israelis looking to defend their border from suicide bombers.

According to the IDF, at least 24 of the Palestinian demonstrators who were killed in the riots on Monday were terrorists, mostly affiliated with Hamas and others to Islamic Jihad.

Source: Jerusalem Post 

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