Condoms required at Scouts’ 24th World Jamboree

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A brotherly camp-out designed by a British Army vet to foster international relations has a new policy to hand out condoms to minors now that women and trannies are allowed to join.

Less shocking but just as disturbing are that exceptions are to be made for the consumption of alcohol at the centennial event, to be held in West Virginia next year.

First, the Boy Scouts started to allow women.

Now this.


The health and safety guidelines for the World Jamboree were just released and now requires host organizations of the event, including the Boy Scouts of America (now Scouts BSA) to:

“…ensure that condoms are readily and easily accessible for all participants and [staff] at a number of locations on the site.”

As well, alcohol consumption is being given exceptions where its consumption may be enjoyed in “confined areas.” Tobacco is “strongly discouraged” so Scouts hankering for a smoke have to go to a specific spot to light up.

Anyone with familiarity with Scouts knows that one of the highlights is that there’s a lot of sprained ankles, fire starting and shoving… because it’s teenaged boys on their first major trip away from home. Mixing alcohol, nicotine and sex in with that is basically Woodstock for teens. But don’t worry, cannabis and cocaine are off-limits, and only the “adults” are supposed to be drinking, but it’s wishful thinking to believe that booze won’t make its way around. Put yourself in the position of these kids: If they can bring alcohol to the campsite, they can ditch the empty bottle near the adults-only area and if worse comes to worse, claim that they stole it from the chaperones.

Here’s the full text:

Origin of Boy Scout Jamborees

Jamborees are large-scale events attended by thousands of Scouts, aged 14-17. World Scout Jamborees are held every four years, and the next international one will take place in West Virginia. The last Jamboree was held in Japan in 2015 and before that, Sweden in 2011.

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Generally, local troops have weekend camping trips and bring the skills they learn to Jamboree where they make camp for ten days. A ‘jamboree’ is an American term meaning a noisy, happy gathering

After the Boy Scouts was founded in 1907 by a British Army officer, it struck out with an aim towards fostering worldwide brotherhood. Part of that brotherhood meant interacting with other cultures, and the first World Scout Jamboree was held in London in 1920. In all, 8,000 Scouts from 34 countries attended.

An image from the first Boy Scout World Jamboree in 1920, London.

It’s worth wondering what Lieutenant-General Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell must think of the organization today. Not only did he write the first Scouting manual, he also founded the Girl Guides as a separate organization with his sister Agnes Baden-Powell. The inspiration for Girl Guides came along when, in 1909, girls began to dress in Scout uniforms to attend the first Scout Tally.

The Lieutenant-General served in four wars, including the Second Boer War.

And now, the Boy Scouts is unrecognizable even from what it was two decades ago, let alone its origin under a British veteran.

24th World Scout Jamboree

The event that requires condoms will take place starting Saturday, July 21st to August 1st next summer, in 2019. It will be hosted by not only the Boy Scouts of America, but also Scouts Canada and Asociación de Scouts de México. The event will be held at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in West Virginia.

While Trump hasn’t announced anything, it’s a good bet to say that he’ll be speaking like he did last year. CNN painted the speech as “cringe-worthy,” and the BBC claimed that Trump “angered parents:

“Many of my top advisers in the White House were Scouts. Ten members of my Cabinet were Scouts. Can you believe that? Ten.”

I was mystified by the angry responses from the left wing media until I remembered that, just like how nobody in Congress sends their kids to public school, nobody in media must send their boys to Scouts to learn survival skills.

John Stemberger: Facilitating Condoms to Minors Irresponsible

According to attorney John Stemberger from Florida, who has been investigating the legality of the condom measure:

“@boyscouts OWN #SummitBechtelReserve & are therefore legally responsible for what goes down on their property. Whether Paris or Plymouth, 1912 or 2012, facilitating condoms, alcohol & minors on a 12 day campout is completely irresponsible.


Looking further into the details, it turns out that while smoking is kosher at Jamboree, throwing water balloons is strictly off limits.

What happened to the Scouts?!

Sources: WND, Boy Scouts Of America, World Scout Committee, Florida Family Policy

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