Black Lives Matter Infiltrating Elementary Schools with Globalism, Diversity, ‘Queer-Affirming’ & Common Core.

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We all knew it was going to get worse before it got better.

The violent, riot-based racist organization Black Lives Matter has decided that Black History Month is the perfect was to take over schools. And it’s already started.

We’re far from the days where Black History Month met memorizing a few passages from Martin Luther King Jr. speeches, or learning geography by studying Harriet Tubman, or even reading the narratives by the Republican Booker T. Washington. And we’re a long way from the time when Jim Crow and the KKK were recognized as Democratic organizations.

In fact, it’s been decades since the reason to study race was to break down barriers and see each other as human beings. Now, there’s money and power and influence to be found in differences.

Black History Materials Bound to Common Core

At the heart of the connection between BLM and the ruination of Black History Month is the insidious, one-size-fits-all education passed down from Washington.

According to the Progressive, an online magazine, this year’s History Month was the opening shot to bring Black Lives Matters At School to life.

Speaking with the Progressive magazine, attorney and educator Nikkita Oliver is the Seattle-based organizer of the project which launched this year in major cities:

“It extends across the country.”

That is, at the end of winter, students in cities including Seattle, LA, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York City and others were part of the educational experience that intends to continue to “affirm the lives of black students, teachers and families.”

No word on whether non-black students or mixed race students were able to enjoy any affirmation.

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‘School To Prison Pipeline’

The need to intervene in schools is based on the phony notion of the “school to prison pipeline,” which is treated as such a sacred concept that you’d think it’s better maintained than the 401.

According to Oliver,

“The Black Lives Matter at School movement is about dismantling the school-to-prison-pipeline, and creating a school-to-justice-pipeline for our youth.”

I can’t put it any better than Adam Carolla, who in 2013 was dragged in front of the Huffington Post for saying that there’s no such thing as the “school to prison pipeline” drawing on the experiences of his own poverty-striken childhood with parents who didn’t care whether he went to class or completed his homework.

Guiding Principles of Black Lives Matter At School

The movement, which started in Seattle under Oliver last October, began with thousands of like-minded educators wearing BLM themed t-shirts to school.

Students who participated this winter covered the following topics, each one connected to outcomes associated with Common Core.

  • Restorative Justice, Empathy and Loving Engagement
  • Diversity and Globalism
  • Trans-Affirming, Queer Affirming and Collective Value
  • Intergenerational, Black Families and Black Villages
  • Black Women and Unapologetically Black

Yeah, that’s what those black Americans who fought in the Civil War for freedom saw as the end goal: teaching schoolkids about trannies and queers.

Right now, the Black History Month supplemental educational programs are one week in length, but there is plans for more. Author  Jonathan Kozol, who wrote a book called The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America, said this about the Week:

“At a time when all too many weary semi-liberals are willing to knock down the statues of racist figures from the past but not to change the racist systems that crush the souls and amputate the destinies of millions of black children in the savagely unequal public schools of the United States, it’s time to raise the stakes and bring the struggle back into the classrooms”

The Week organization also advocates for hiring more black teachers, use “restorative justice” and to mandate “black history and ethnic studies” in schools.

Obama’s Common Core Czar on Santa Fe High School Massacre

At the end of this week, ten people were murdered by a student at a Houston area high school. As Democrats from David Hogg to Emma Gonzalez weighed in with their own bad takes, Arne Duncan decided he wanted some sweet attention for himself, too. The former Education Secretary who happily threatened to withhold funds from California if they took a one-year hiatus on certain tests before instituting Common Core missed the spotlight and introduced his own fix to help students.

Echoing the thoughts of another Obama-era Education official, Duncan said that parents should pull their students out of every school until Congress takes action, and does… something something gun safety?

The tactic worked despite a profound lack of a solution, and he got his press interviews.

Sources: Breitbart, Progressive.Org

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