Bar: No White Customers for Happy Hour, Please

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In Portland, Oregon, white customers were asked to cover the costs of hosting “people of color” at a Reparations Happy Hour and then take off when they arrived.

Reparatations Happy Hour took place last Monday night, and as “people of color” arrived at the door, they were handed $10.00 each, which was a symbolic gift funded by white patrons of the same bar. The white customers who handed over the money in the first place were asked to stay home.

The meet was organized by an activist group called Brown Hope, saying that since Portland is a mostly white city, they wanted to give non-whites a chance to “meet, organize, discuss public policy” and to also plan future events.

Public policy isn’t really my favorite activity at a bar, but it’s a Monday in May and my team is out of the Stanley Cup so I guess you have to chat about something. So why not chat about getting back at the evil whites?

Thanks Obama

In the last decade, nobody has done more to damage race relations than Barack Hussein Obama, his wife Michelle and the entire media that has rained down upon us the notion that to prefer the other guy meant that you were deeply racist.

The theme of the 1990s was the healing of racial wounds, and learning about other cultures. Now, we’re back to division, because division pays pretty well. Or at least, division gives you $10 for some PBR in Oregon.

Thanks Trump

While the whole race thing continues to rear its ugly head when the liberal media decides to trot it out, Trump has been busy working with everyone in the country and has ushered in the best conditions for black Americans in history.

In April, the unemployment rate over all groups was 3.9%, the lowest since 2000.

And the black unemployment rate dipped to 6.6%, which is the lowest since the federal government started tracking the data.

But there’s never a good thing without a left wing paper saying that it’s terrible:

The Philadelphia Tribune published a piece claiming that the rate doesn’t “tell the whole story,” citing that “wage growth was stubbornly flat” and that while the “Black jobless rate” is low, it is “double that of overall jobless data [and] still very much behind white, Asian and even Latino jobless rates.”

Full-Scale Reparations

In 2016, during the last legs of the Obama-era racial hatred machine, 58% of black Americans wanted reparations from whites, along with 46% of Hispanics.

Well, reparations and affirmative action had a point. Blacks were held as slaves and there was real racism, and racist laws from Democrats in charge. Black Americans were and maybe still are owed something by the country. But Hispanics? Where they do fit in? As Ann Coulter says — reparations and civil rights are for black Americans and no one else.

One economist named Robert Browne placed the “fair value” of necessary reparations between $1.4 trillion and $4.7 trillion, saying that the money will “restore the black community to the economic position it would have bhad if it had not been subjected to slavery and discrimination.”

Did you know that the first female self-made millionaire in the USA was a black woman who went by the name Madam C.J. Walker? She made her fortune by developing and marketing black hair products. She was the first child born in her family after the Emancipation Proclamation and was an orphan by the age of seven.

Organized By Some Millennial

The Reparations Happy Hour event was organized by a 27-year-old man named Cameron Whitten, and she said that attendees felt “valued” and “seen” at the event.

“We’re creating a platform to make sure our leadership is being seen and honored. This isn’t just, we’re here to socialize, we’re here to do the work. In a place like Portland, where our community is so fractured… our first step is to bring us back together, and from there organize and mobilize to create policies to create justice in our communities.”

That is, the group will only be happy if they’re given more free things to “organize” and “create justice.”

Until then, getting $400 to spend on a Monday night trip to the bar is considered to be a victory by Cameron Whitten.

Source: Fox News

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