YouTube’s Dishonesty, Censorship and Discrimination Finally Manifests Itself in Criminal Violence

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Once the YouTube shooter was revealed to be a Persian vegan nutcase looking for revenge for her demonetized videos, media fell silent.

The left had their scripts all ready to pounce on what they assumed was a white male with an NRA membership. But now that it turns out that it was a plant-eating bunny-hugging immigrant woman, what other motive can we find beyond her anger that YouTube had taken away her ad money?

YouTube Shooter Identified: Definitely NOT a Conservative NRA Member

What We Know About Nasim Aghdam

When the shooting was still in progress, the initial description was of a “white woman” wearing a headscarf who had entered the back door of YouTube’s headquarters in California and had opened fire. Several YouTube employees tweeted that they were barricaded in different parts of the building.

Later, after reports settled that there were several injuries among YouTube’s staff, the name of the shooter — who killed herself with her gun — was released.

Nasim Aghdam was 39 when she shot and killed herself yesterday. The other major injuries were a 36-year-old male in critical condition, and two women ages 27 and 32 in fair and serious condition. A fourth person either broke or sprained their ankle.

Police Were Warned

Within hours of the shooting, Aghdam’s father spoke with the press saying that he had already warned police about his daughter. Ishmail Aghdam said that he had reported his daughter missing on Monday morning after she did not answer her phone for two days. The police called him back at 2 am on that Tuesday saying that they had found her, sleeping in her car, approximately 470 miles away from her home in the Bay Area.

Ishmail said that the cops assured him things were under control, but he warned them about her recent obsession with YouTube.

This was a photo taken of Nasim, who was protesting what she perceived to be discrimination at YouTube.

Less than 12 hours later, officers were descending on YouTube’s headquarters after employees called 911 asking for help. Nasim killed herself before the police arrived, and it is unlikely that Nasim targeted any employees specifically.

Nasim’s Case Against YouTube

In recent months, YouTube has been steadily ‘demonetizing’ videos and putting similar crutches on channels. Demonetized channels and videos are not eligible for earning revenue off of advertisements placed by third parties. When ad revenue models opened up to all creators, anyone could upload a video and make money. Then, the Adpocalypse happened.

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About a year ago, news media inflated some facts and tried to paint a picture that advertisements from brands like Adidas had their clips playing on videos that featured controversial content, like racist rants or inappropriate images of young children. It snowballed from there, and any minor infraction like an off-color joke could get a video — even videos uploaded by their most popular creators — could be demonetized.

Recently, a left-wing British YouTuber was found guilty in a Scottish court of being “grossly offensive” after filming and uploading a video of him teaching his girlfriend’s pug dog to Seig Heil with one paw up. The joke was that his girlfriend would be furious at having her dog be taught a Nazi salute, but the man still managed to get arrested for his video and is currently awaiting sentencing.

Now, there just isn’t enough ad money to go around, and there has been a very uneven application of demonetizations or other bans. Earlier this year YouTuber Logan Paul published a video of himself reacting to finding a dead body at a popular spot for suicides in Japan. The video stayed up, and stayed monetized for hours, despite the outrage of showing a dead body in the preview thumbnail and the video being aimed at a pre-teen audience.

Nasim was agitated that her YouTube channel had been caught by recent changes to the ad structure of YouTube, and she found herself no longer receiving the small royalty checks. She showed screen grabs showing that the views on her videos were going down, which has happened to people all across the platform for no discernible reason. One video showing her doing ab exercises was set with an age restriction, which she said that an attempt to “suppress and discourage her” from making more videos.

It’s clear that Nasim — a vegan bodybuilder with bizarre videos of dancing in front of images of chickens — was mentally ill. But, her focus was on YouTube, and it appears that she was looking to get revenge on the channel that she believed was trying to keep her down. Fortunately, nobody else has been forced to die for her.

Sources: Reuters, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Gizmodo

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