Would ‘All in the Family’ Even Be Allowed on TV Today? The Answers:

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The creator of cultural touchstones ‘All In The Family’ and ‘The Jeffersons’ has said that the shows would never be able to be made today. Norman Lear, now 93, says that television is doing a “disservice” to the American people by people being too politically correct.

He said that when he shows were made, “there were three networks” and:

“…the news was not expected to make money. I think the American people don’t get what they earn by way of help and understanding in context what is going on in their world.”

The comments were delivered to media in Pasadena while he was on a press tour to advertise his upcoming spot on ‘Rough Draft with Reza Aslan.’ Lear went on to say that his comedies would have been prevented by “the establishment leadership.”

Lear and Aslan on Comedy

Alongside Lear was Aslan, who frankly said that he wants a Muslim version of All In The Family because Muslims won’t feel American until they too are made “fun of” on TV. “That’s how minds have always been changed in this country.”

He’s got that right — unless something can be talked about openly and without free of being fired, sued or killed, it can’t be absorbed into the fabric. Being able to laugh at the racial attitudes of both Archie Bunker and George Jefferson made it safe to talk about what is and isn’t good for the country.

Lear went on to say that he’s been watching the show Homeland, and that the glut of cable, network and streaming programs are giving an opportunity for more of those comedic voices to be heard.

“I think the answer to it is in your face every day.”

Rob Reiner Still A Meathead

Despite being rocketed into the mainstream with his role as Meathead in All in the Family, Rob Reiner now campaigns for a world that would prevent his show from ever being filmed in the first place.

Poor, irrelevant Rob Reiner. Recently his social media accounts have gotten wacky enough that it’s time to consider committing him to the men in white coats.

The election’s been over for almost a year and a half and he’s still a little upset.

In 2003, Reiner was the subject of a South Park episode where he is shown using lies and fake news to stop the spread of cigarette smoking. In the episode called Butt Out, he admits to lying about the dangers of smoking, but that he’s okay with lying because it’s okay to lie as long as the end result is good. And through the entire episode while he talks about healthy choices, he’s shown to be obese and constantly eating with food all over his face. At the time, the show as praised for their display of liberal arrogance and elitism.

The 1970s were the Decade for Racial Jokes

Previously we here at Joe for America looked back with satisfaction at the major shows of the 70s, including The Jeffersons, All in the Family and Sanford and Son. We praised them for reflecting “real life” and featured some clips showing the way that they dealt with interracial relationships.

Archie, of course, trips over his feet and refers to a courtesy offered by Mr. Jefferson as something “very white” of him. The show lets the exchanges play out as family members of both parties brace for impact. None of the characters were angels, and everyone rises above racial strife through their own hard work.

‘A guy who’s a fag is a queer’

Here’s a great example of the kind of talk that would get you carted off in front of a judge. Archie is upset at Meathead, this time because he’s inviting a gay guy from the “fag country” of England for a meal. As usual, Meathead is pouring out the grandstanding moralizing about “two consenting adults,” and Archie wins the audience. “For your information, England is a fag country.”

Comments left on this video hit the nail straight on the head:

  • “30 years ago this was prime time TV. Now it’s called ‘hate speech.'”
  • “I would be arrested for hate crime if I posted this on Facebook today.”
  • The most honest TV shows in American history aired in the 70’s. After that, we all got so thin skinned and easily offended by pretty much anything.”

Sources: Twitchy, Washington Times


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