Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Says He Would Have Kneeled During The National Anthem

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Every week another actor opens his mouth and alienates half of his fans. This time it’s a juicehead ex-wrestler who loves Obama and hates the symbols of America.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has sided with the anthem-kneelers that have tanked ratings for NFL games since Colin Kaepernick first decided to take a knee and infuriate the audience.

Over the course of the interview, the ex-wrestler and current actor defended the actions of Kaepernick and blamed audiences for not understanding the point of the protest.

The Rock Would Kneel

In keeping with his belief that nobody (except him) seemed to understand the underlying message of the various ways of disrespecting the flag and anthem before NFL games, The Rock helpfully explained that kneeling was just a way for bring attention to the treatment of young black men by evil police.

Everyone with a negative response to the kneeling was responding to “the noise [around the kneeling], and not the actual problem.”

In fact, if The Rock was involved in professional football right now, he would have joined the gaggle of idiots and “knelt or raised [his] fist in solidarity.'”

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You see, The Rock believes in his heart that kneeling is a legitimate protest against a real threat and were a “cry for help.”

“As one human being to another, we’re having this issue that’s affecting our country and our little kids, and I need your help. I think when human beings are in jeopardy, and they ask for help, good-quality human beings, whether locally or at the highest level of office, they help.”

There are people trying to help the homicide rate that is killing young black American men. But it’s not the cops that are doing it, it’s other black men. Even the suicide rate for young black Americans, both male and female, is on the rise.

Black Men, Not Cops Biggest Threat To Black Men

According to the FBI’s 2016 crime tally, the black homicide rate added another 900 deaths on top of the 2015 rate. With 7,881 dead black Americans, the cause of death should be a major concern.

In 2016, 233 of those deaths were due to fatal shootings by police of suspects who were overwhelmingly armed and dangerous. Only 16 of those deaths were considered to be of unarmed citizens, but includes suspects who assaulted or violently resisted arrest.

In 2015, police officers were 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male was likely to be killed by police. Over the last ten years, the percentage of black cop-killers has risen to 42% despite black Americans totaling 13% of the country’s population.

The 2015 numbers indicate that 89.3% of black murder victims were indeed killed by fellow black Americans.

In the last few weeks there has been an overdrive by Democrats in California to politicize the shooting of a 22-year-old black man named Stephon Clark who was shot multiple times by two officers at 9:30pm in March. The two Sacramento police officers believed that Clark had been responsible for a string of broken car windows and that he was pointing a gun (it was a white phone).

In response, lawmakers in California are trying to overturn legal precedent and change the definition of the type of force people officers are legally entitled to use.

The Rock Has It So Very Wrong

Dwayne Johnson, 45, played college football with the University of Miami and went on to a career as a wrestler after being cut from the lineup of the Calgary Stampeders’ CFL team. His first film role came in 2002 and more recently he co-starred as one of the voices in Disney’s Moana.

He might be a great athlete and entertainer, but he’s not much of a political thinker. The kneeling protests were barely protests, they were agitation that could not be soothed. When Colin Kaepernick first knelt, there was nothing that would have made him happy. No amount of money donated to organizations, no apologizes, no changes in government. There was no end goal beyond attention and to grift as much influence as possible. But the NFL’s audience wasn’t having it and saw it for the plain and simple disrespect that it was.

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