Democrats Who Know Great Economy is Bad For the Party Turn to Wealthy Veterans For Salvation

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Democrats are crying out for a victory in November, and they’re banking on veterans to help them cover up the plain fact that the Trump economy is booming.

With more than 200,000 new private sector jobs added every month for the last five months straight, the Democrats are looking to elect fresh faced ‘next generation’ veterans and use their resumes to raise money and their patriotism to change blue districts red.

Left wing thinkers are excited for the influx of veterans running for the Democrats, because it appears to be a bit easier to get someone to write a check or open the door if the person asking for support had already put themselves on the line for the country.

‘Red to Blue’ List

Democrats won’t be able to win the next election on economic grounds, so they’re changing their plan and straying away from the usual crop lifelong flunkies. Instead, they’re promoting their ‘red to blue’ list of candidates who are being pushed in districts that have the ability to flip from Republican. These candidates are generally military veterans, former officials and business owners.

Recently, Connor Lamb won a special election over a Republican candidate in Pennsylvania. Lamb, 33, was given good press because of his resume including his time as a Marine.

New Group Supports Veterans in Congress

Billed as ‘cross-partisan,’ With Honor is a registered super PAC aiming to support the 150 ‘next-generation’ veterans who are currently running for Congress in the November election. ‘Without affluent networks,’ says the group, the cost of running can be ‘prohibitive for veterans’ who are not already ingrained in the political process. Any group that seeks to add new blood and pry power away from lifetime members of the elected class has a reasonable goal.

Members of the group must take ‘The Pledge’ that asks members to ‘always speak the truth and prioritize the public interest above my self-interest,’ to respect colleagues and bring civility to politics, and to foster relationships with the other party. Of course, not every one of the 150 veterans running is involved in this organization. Right now, the group’s website only lists 19. Among those 19 are eight Republicans and eleven Democrats. Of the four women, all are running for the Democrats.


We should mention that one fellow running is Republican Tim Kane, not to be confused with Democrat Tim Kaine.

One of the hardest parts about running for office is the sheer cost. The average cost of a Congressional campaign has quadrupled in the last 20 years. While serving, there are fewer opportunities for a soldier to rub soldiers with the usual funders of campaigns, so they need a leg up in that respect.

Co-Founders Peter Meijer, Rye Barcott

Peter Mijer is the grandson of Frank Meijer of the Meijer retail chain headquartered in Michigan. His family have not been vocal about politics, but coming from a family now worth billions will allow Peter to spend an estimated $30 million in order to elect ‘principled, next-generation’ vets. After finishing his undergraduate degree, Peter went on to work in Afghanistan and Iraq as a conflict analyst.

Rye Barcott served in the Marines for five years and toured in Bosnia, Iraq and the Horn of Africa. In a statement, Barcott called the veterans they’re working with are “principled, proven leaders.”

Private Sector Hiring Boom

In March 2018, private payrolls rose showing that the sector had added 241,000 new positions in that month alone. Many of these new jobs were in construction and manufacturing, spurred on by Trump’s strong position on tariffs that are bringing mothballed projects back online.

The report issued by ADP and Moody’s Analytics shows that 176,000 of those jobs were in the service industry and 65,000 were in the production of goods.

Last month, the same report showed that private payrolls showed 235,000 new jobs were created in February of 2018. At the time, it was announced that February was the fourth month in a row when private companies added more than 200,000 new jobs. This month, Mark Zandi the chief economist at Moody’s said that the job market is “rip-roaring. Last month, Zandi said:

“With government spending increases and tax cuts, growth is set to accelerate.”

It’s clear to the market watchers that all this is due to government policy. But, if you’re trying to win an election, a stable economy isn’t a strong platform for change.

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