Uh Oh Karma: ‘Wiz Kid’ Urinates On Elevator Controls, Gets Trapped Inside [VIDEO]

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Chinese news outlet CGTN shared footage of a prank gone wrong. After the boy in the video urinated on the panel of elevator buttons, he got ready to bolt out. But things did not go as planned.

The doors jam, lights fail, and the elevator stops after the youngster short-circuits the operating system.

This is why I touch public surfaces with my shoe. Especially in parking garage elevators, those always smell suspect!


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The video is hilarious. Wizzin’ in the corner wasn’t good enough for him either. Instead, he sprayed down the wall of the elevator, including the buttons … which caused a short circuit.

Instead of opening, the elevator’s doors remained closed, and the entire panel of buttons began lighting up. The boy was forced to touch his own urine in an attempt at exiting the elevator.

Maybe don’t sabotage the very thing keeping you safe?

The South China Morning Post explains:


A young boy in southwest China who entertained himself on a lift ride by urinating all over the control buttons got a nasty surprise when the system short-circuited and he became stuck.

The incident was caught on a surveillance camera and the footage was published on social media by the Ministry of Public Security.

In the footage, the boy enters the empty lift inside a block of flats in Chongqing and selects his floor. He then unzips his fly and takes aim. After some experimenting, he adjusts his trajectory and succeeds in drenching the entire panel.

Apparently pleased with himself, he zips up and waits for the lift to reach its destination.

Uh Oh Karma: 'Wiz Kid' Urinates On Elevator Controls, Gets Trapped Inside [VIDEO]

Unfortunately for the mystery micturater, his urine played havoc with the lift’s wiring and instead of the doors functioning properly, they opened just a crack and then closed again. At the same time, all of the buttons on the control panel began flashing and after a brief pause, the light inside the lift went out.

In the final scene, the boy can be seen hopping in apparent distress.

The footage was posted on the ministry’s social order offences account on Weibo – China’s Twitter-like service – under the headline “Stop being naughty!”

Internet users were quick to respond.

“Behind a naughty child there are definitely naughty parents,” the most popular comment said.

“Don’t forget to charge his parents for the repair cost,” another said.

The ministry did not say if any action had been taken against the boy or his parents, but said he was freed sometime later.

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Of course, it is not the first time such an incident has happened. It most likely wont’t be the last.

Last year, a six-year-old boy from Yiwu in eastern China’s Zhejiang province was seriously injured while trying to climb out of a lift that became stuck on the seventh floor after he too urinated on the control panel.

This is not the first time that people have been caught peeing in an elevator. In fact, if you have been in many elevators, you know it happens.

Officials in an Arkansas county even put out a plea for courthouse visitors: Please stop urinating in our elevator.

Craighead County officials installed security cameras to deter the steady stream of culprits who have been relieving themselves in the courthouse elevator in Jonesboro.

Maintenance workers say the problem has persisted for years – even though the restrooms are only about 25 feet from the elevator.

Washington State football player D’Jimon Jones appeared in court last June.

He was charged with misdemeanor vandalism. The charges stem from a March 4 incident, when an intoxicated Jones allegedly peed in an elevator.

People do silly things. Don’t we all? At some point in your life, you too have done something real stupid. Admit it.

Kids are especially prone to do stupid things. Things that on the onset, seem mild enough, but in retrospect, created chaos.

But in today’s age of cameras, it is much harder to keep those dumb things private. If you are going to do something stupid, you better look for that camera.

I’m not sure what consequences this kid will face. But for sure, he is now known around the world as the ‘Wiz Kid’ that peed on the elevator controls and broke it, getting stuck. I would imagine the humiliation at school will be punishment enough.


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