Texas BB Star Drew Timme and Teens Save Autistic Children as Flames Engulf Home

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A group of high school basketball players are being hailed as heroes for their efforts to save a family from a house fire in Texas on Saturday.

Drew Timme, Dallas, Texas, is used to being a hero on the basketball court.

Plug Drew Timme, the J.J. Pearce High student’s name into YouTube, and you’ll find yourself deluged with videos of the 6’11” junior’s daring b-ball skills.

But on March 3, Drew Timme and a group of his fellow classmates got to put their heroism into very practical action.

Drew Timme his brother Walker, and friends Bryce Johnson and Will Newberry were driving home after a J.J. Pearce playoff victory when they saw something shocking.

“The whole road was covered in smoke, you could barely see what was in front of me, we knew something was bad and we could kind of see orange flickering from what looked like the house,” Drew Timme told FOX 4 News.

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Someone quickly dialed 911, and then the group cautiously began to approach the burning residence. The first thing Drew Timme saw was a child at the front door “just kind of walking back and forth.”


Drew said that the child and others in the home had autism. Unable to process what was happening, the youngster had confusedly milled about the home, unsure how to respond.

Drew Timme started banging on the door and yelling, which roused the kid’s sleeping mother who had no idea her house had burst into flames. When the woman opened up, the students burst into action.

“I just banged on the door and I guess I woke the mom up and grabbed one of the kids out of there, because he was kind of close to the entrance,” Drew Timme said. “I just grabbed him and said ‘is anyone else in the house?’ and I just started yelling inside.”

“I went in there and grabbed the kid, and … Bryce was up there with me too, because he was just getting the address from one of the kids who came out,” Drew Timme said to NBC DFW. There was one person missing, though: the father.

I got the dogs and kids across the street, to the neighbor’s house,” Walker said.

Will ran around the back of the house and discovered the father was trying to put out the blaze with a garden hose.

“The wife said the dad was in the backyard and he was actually trying to put out the fire by himself.” Will said. “He just had a garden hose and he was trying to put it out, but it was overwhelming.”

He found the father, and brought him in front to his family. There, the three teens waited with the family and their pets until the fire was put out by responding firefighters.

All of the family members survived. First responders believed the fire had started due to an electrical short.

Bryce, though, thought the group’s actions were only common sense, saying, “It was just a natural instinct. That’s what other people would do for us as well.”

The family, who didn’t want to speak on camera after being shaken by the fire, told FOX 4 they weren’t fully woken up by the smoke alarm, and were thankful to the teens for saving their lives.

“I think they’re heroes, and I think they’re amazing, and we’re very grateful for them for being brave for doing the right thing, for being responsible young men. Very proud of them,” neighbor Jillian Britton told FOX 4.

It’s not often you see young kids stepping up and doing the ‘right thing’ and risking their own lives in the event as well.

Yes, these parents should be very proud of their three young men. This family fire could have turned out much worse. If I were the parents, I’d not only be hugging Drew Timme and these teens, but be giving myself a pat on the back for raising some great young teens and responsible young men for the future. Nice work!

You can add character and courage to Drew Timme’s resume for basketball recruiters.


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