Social Worker Fired For Having Conceal Carry Permit

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Looking through Storm Durham’s Instagram pictures, and you see a 5’2″ blond girl who loves pink, Disney, flowers… and fishing, bow hunting and her new Ruger.

And now the social worker from Virginia is reaching out on social media for support after she was fired for her concealed carry permit.

Storm Durham posted on her Facebook page yesterday that she was fired by the Social Services Department of Virginia where she worked to “keep kids safe and develop families into better people for each other” for having a concealed carry permit.

She did not have her gun on her, and she states that she had never brought it with her during any of her job duties including visits to clients. She doesn’t have a criminal record.

When she was fired, she asked whether they knew that she had never brought her gun with her to work and they responded with “How do we know that?” She was then directed to leave immediately, without even being given leave to use the bathroom first to have a minute to herself because she posed a “serious safety concern” to the building.

” If you know me I’m pretty sure you’ve never been shaking in your boots due to my vary presence. But today, I was escorted by not one, not two, but three Roanoke City Police Officers to my office where I packed up months of thank you cards, and pictures of kids I’ve helped.”

In her social media post, she cited the Constitution and said that the Roanoke City Department of Social Services ought to be ashamed of firing her as an “innocent, clean record, white, female, college graduate who works for a living for legally having, and owning a gun.” She went on to say that she was a survivor of a sexual assault, and loves hunting, and that she will be getting the law back on her side to fight this.

Twitter Follow Up

the post on Facebook quickly gained traction, and so did her posts on Twitter:


Furthermore, she provided a story that she had already been hauled into her boss’ office asking if she felt safe at home, or if she is experiencing domestic violence (DV) because they learned that she had guns at home.

She now seems to be in touch with many right wing outlets and supporters, and she is currently looking into the cost of hiring a lawyer to help her out.

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More Information

As Storm continued to speak with media, more details have come up. She reports that she called her boss out on “discrimination” and for “treating [her] like a criminal” for her concealed carry permit.

As for the tweet about domestic violence, she was shocked at the meeting two months ago because she said “there have always been guns in my home since [she] was a little kid.”

When asked about whether her boss was right to fire her, she said:

“I think it’s definitely illegal.”

Previously, she had been dinged by her department for other small violations, like missing work due to a broken leg and for wearing loafers on the wrong day.

Concealed Carry Law In Virginia

In the state of Virginia, anyone over the age of 21 may apply for concealed carry for a five-year concealed carry permit to carry a handgun.

A permit for concealed carry is not required in several situations, including if you are in your own “place of business” or if you are an active or retired police officer. Concealed carry is also allowed for hunters faced with weather that will damage their firearms or if you keep a handgun stashed in the glove compartment in your far.

There are some exceptions to the rules. For example, U.S. mail carriers and some employees with state owned correctional facilities may not carry concealed.

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Concealed Carry Success Stories

Here at Joe For America we like to cover any reports of a Good Guy With A Gun stopping crime. In Arlington, Texas, a thug pulled out a gun and shot and killed a manager at a local sports bar. Another patron at the bar with his wife decided to use his own gun “fearing there would be another loss of life” if the thug wasn’t stopped. So, the Texas man told his wife: “Get down,” then stood up shot the thug who later died of his wounds.

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