Police FURIOUS with Philadelphia Democrat DA: ‘Shoot Dangerous Threats In Arm’ [WATCH]

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Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner recently told recruits at the Police Academy in Holmesburg that they should not shoot to kill, but shoot someone in the arm during a violent encounter.

Specifically, Krasner told them that in a scenario where police officers fatally shoot an unarmed and mentally ill man who had reached for another officer’s gun and struggled with him over it had made a mistake.

A video shows Krasner referring to “some mistakes that were made” in that scenario. He said the man could have survived had the officers not displayed “an eagerness to shoot center mass.”


Most in local Philadelphia law enforcement were enraged at the DA for placing both police and citizens in danger with the advice to new cadets.

In a letter sent to the cadets Thursday, John McNesby President of Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 Police FURIOUS with Philadelphia Democrat DA: “Shoot Dangerous Threats In Arm” [WATCH] told them to disregard a “ridiculous and dangerous presentation”:

“He has intentionally sought to endanger your lives by his outrageous effort to ‘instruct’ you on the use of your firearm,” McNesby wrote. “You are officially urged to completely disregard his dangerous and despicable remarks.”

“That’s totally opposite of what they’re taught. They are taught and trained to shoot for center mass. This isn’t a wild west western where you clip them in the shoulder and bang them in the toe or hand,” McNesby continued..

“He has NO experience in protecting the public, making arrests or use of firearms and he has NO right to stand before you and advise you to endanger your lives,” McNesby wrote.


McNesby also mentioned Krasner’s history as a civil rights lawyer who has sued police multiple times. Not only that, he did so on the behalf of groups like Occupy and Black Lives Matter.

This directive is coming from two individuals who know nothing about the type of danger this puts law enforcement in. When it comes to split second decisions and an officer’s life is threatened, the need to eliminate the threat is essential.

Ben Waxman, spokesman for DA  Krasner’s office, called McNesby’s letter “wildly inaccurate.”

Krasner outlined possible scenarios in another series of tweets in which an officer would and would not be charged for their conduct and didn’t instruct them on use of force.

But close scrutiny shows that is a CYA lie. The DA DID tell cadets in a situation that included someone trying to get custody of their firearm, that it would be a mistake to shoot to kill. He said in that scenario that an officer should shoot in the arm or leg. And that is dangerous DA Krasner. That IS instructing them on use of force.

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The video does show Krasner saying: “That does not mean those officers committed any crime. That does not mean there’s any disciplinary violation. That means those officers acted with preliminary information, under a whole lot of time pressure with things developing quickly, [and] made an honest mistake. And this District Attorney’s Office is not going to second-guess that.”

Well isn’t that nice of you DA Krasner! An officer uses deadly force in order to save their own life and while you think he should have shot the thug in the toe, you won’t prosecute. You won’t second guess his decision. Moron.

McNesby also said he didn’t care what the video of Krasner’s speech showed:

“Video or no, he shouldn’t be up there,” McNesby said Friday. “He’s not qualified and he’s not an expert. He’s not trained.”

McNesby acknowledged Thursday that he had not witnessed Krasner’s presentation. He stated that he had received several phone calls after it ended. He said Krasner had no business giving tactical advice to police. ESPECIALLY if that advice included aiming for anything other than “center mass,” guidance. McNesby said it could put officers’ lives in danger.

“Our academy staff was aware,” McNesby said. “They had to go back and readdress the class.”

He added that the academy staff was still angry Friday about Krasner’s comments and might block him from speaking to classes in the future.

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But that’s not all:

Krasner ignored his 2017 tax bill so long that the Philadelphia Department of Revenue took him court. This to recover sover $10,000 in overdue taxes.

Spokesman Ben Waxman said Krasner assumed it was a mistake.

But Waxman soon after backpedaled from that initial assessment. And Philadelphia’s district attorney went to the delinquent real estate tax collection section of the Revenue Department and paid $10,576.29.




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