Pelosi: Everyone in the Country Could Learn a Thing or Two From Drag Queens

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Nancy Pelosi is back to her roots of pandering to the gays, appearing as a guest judge on a show about drag queens with RuPaul.

The House Majority Leader spoke with media accusing Donald Trump of not having enough respect for the “LGBTQ community” and that he, like the drag queens on stage, is “lip syncing some of his policies.”

Who Is RuPaul?

Born RuPaul Andre Charles, the gay male and drag queen is considered one of the most successful drag queens in the world and has produced 14 albums and several television shows. RuPaul, 57, has appeared in several movies and gained mainstream attention through appearances on Geraldo, Oprah and Arsenio Hall. His first notable role in the mainstream was as a featured dancer in the B-52’s Love Shack music video from 1989. It’s no accident that this person is in the public eye — he has been actively seeking the attention for decades.

Nancy Pelosi On Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race is a long-running reality show competition that pits a group of men against each other in order to find out which one makes the best drag queen. Usually, the challenges include makeup, acting and dress-making races. Like many reality shows, someone is voted off each week until a winner is crowned. Every week there is a guest judge for the final portion of the show.

Previous guest judges have included Debbie Reynolds, Kathy Griffin, Henry Rollins, LaToya Jackson, Wayne Brady, Natalie Cole, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose McGowan, Busy Phillips, Chaz Bono, Paula Abdul, Neil Patrick Harris, LeAnn Rimes, John Waters and Debbie Harry.

As far as I can tell, Pelosi is the first politician to appear.


To celebrate (and to raise money), Pelosi,77, rolled into a gay bar in Washington to take selfies with donors and to watch her appearance which was taped back in August. She spoke to the crowd:

“We are very saddened about some of the things that have happened in this administration in rolling back protections and opportunities and the rest.”

As if Donald Trump, a businessman from New York City married to a former fashion model whose beloved friends include the gay designers Dolce & Gabbana plans on removing gay rights. Gays have the same rights as everyone else.

Pelosi’s History of Leeching on Gay Politics

During her first speech in Congress in 1987, Pelosi spoke about the need to “take leadership… in the crisis of AIDS.”

AIDS, of course, was initially spread by the gay community who then wildly misrepresented the number of patients. One suggestion at the time was to round up everyone affected with the illness and quarantine them (as would have been recommend for a smallpox outbreak) until death; this was considered barbaric by the progressive lefties. Now, millions of innocent people have been infected with AIDS through no fault of their own because it was not stopped in the 80s. Wide sweeping action from the American government could have prevent all of this pain, but Pelosi went in the opposite direction and sentenced millions of innocents to suffering and death.

She is no friend to the gay population, yet she commented at the bar this week about her AIDS speech:

“I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re not in San Francisco anymore.'”

She also tooted her own horn on her push for gay marriage when she become House Majority Leader in 2003. Then, surely spouting a talking point handed to her by a six-figure consultant, she told the crowd that “if you don’t vote, you don’t count” after her showcase on the Panel of Judges.

Having watched the show, I’m a bit miffed — RuPaul consults with the judges but would always say: “I have made my decision.”

Eating Their Own: Progressives Criticizing RuPaul

In the last week, RuPaul implied on Twitter that taking hormones in a gender switcharoo are the “performance enhancing drugs” of the LGBT world and was immediately attacked for suggesting that transgender people are “taking drugs” instead of “affirming their life choices or whatever.”

RuPaul was later forced to apologize, but the damage was done.

At the same time, RuPaul has been criticized for saying that he would “probably not” allow transgender people who have fully undergone transition to compete on his show, which features gay men in a competition to be the best drag queen. Drag isn’t a gender transition, and the men don’t live as women. RuPaul said that you can “identify” as a woman and compete, but you can’t start changing your body to compete.

Hosting a television show that’s made its way to Netflix that features almost exclusively gay men in dresses just isn’t progressive enough for the pushy Marxist crowd. RuPaul now has an old-school notion of drag: The reason that it’s interesting is because a male who looks male can use makeup, clothing and wigs to make themselves look female. Getting the lady injections and having your face carved by to look more female is cheating.

This puts me ahead of the curve by a few years. I’ve gone to drag shows because I also go to dance recitals, musicals, burlesques and concerts; but I completely checked out when it turned into a feast for transgender politics. I can tolerate left-wing politics in the arts when it’s adults making their own decisions but in recent years there has been a massive push to actively support child abuse by injecting pre-teens with drugs.

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