Texas Showdown: Olmos Park Police Rebel Against State Open Carry Law; Arrest Citizens [WATCH]

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Liberal Olmos Park Police Chief Rene Valenciano has a reputation of usurping Texas’ Open Carry law and it came to a head when 2nd Amendment activist CJ Grisham was illegally arrested Tuesday for legally carrying a firearm.

Grisham and some of his crew were legally open carrying pistols and long guns. It was done in response to an incident last week when an Olmos Park police officer drew guns on and detained a person with a protest sign solely for the reason of open carrying a pistol, which turned out to be a training fake.

Open Carry Texas sent out a press release saying that Grisham was tasered and suffered an injury during his arrest. The press release also said he was arrested by the Olmos Park Police Chief Rene Valenciano.

Video of the arrest:

Grisham is a retired First Sergeant and Counterintelligence special agent, Fort Hood soldier and the founder and president of Open Carry Texas, a Texas organization that fights for the 2nd Amendment. Open Carry was in the forefront of getting the recent open carry bill passed to allow concealed handgun permit holders to begin carrying handguns openly.

The bill was signed into law on June 13, 2015, and took effect on January 1, 2016.

Despite the new law, the Olmos Park police department has had a number of recent incidents where it has harassed and even arrested citizens for open carry.

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The Texas Rangers, Texas Attorneys’ office, and Governor Abbott are all three aware of the situation. The Texas Rangers have jurisdiction in Texas to investigate local police departments.

Grisham had a a previous phone conversation with the Valenciano about their policies. The chief seemed entirely unconcerned with his officers illegally detaining people for a perfectly legal activity.

Here’s audio of the phone call with Olmos Park Police Chief Rene Valenciano a day or two before the arrest.

Grisham was charged with assault of a peace officer, according to Bexar County records. Video of the incident shows that no assault took place.

The Killeen Daily Herald reports:

This charge is a second degree felony. Additionally, Grisham was charged with interfering with the duties of a public servant and obstruction of a passageway, both of which are Class B misdemeanors, as well as resisting arrest, a Class A misdemeanor.

The Temple resident had a total $13,000 bond. Self Defense Fund Executive Director Larry Keilberg told the Telegram Tuesday evening the group had posted Grisham’s bond. Self Defense Fund is a gun rights legal defense group.

Grisham, who came under fire for anti-cop Facebook posts during his run for District 55, was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Olmos Park, an enclave city in San Antonio.

The arrest occurred after Grisham and Open Carry Texas members were holding a demonstration in Olmos Park. The group’s described the event on Twitter as the “Olmos Park Forced Education and Compliance Rally.”

A screen recording of a Facebook Live stream by Grisham showed officers rushing toward Grisham.

Open Carry Texas tweeted that Grisham was bleeding from his head. Keilberg said Grisham was taken to a San Antonio hospital to treat his head injury.

Grisham was in Killeen on Saturday leading a group of counter-protesters to the March for Our Lives rally, which drew more than 200 people calling for stricter gun laws.

There are many videos of the arrest.

There was no articulated probable cause for the arrest. The police showed up, including Chief Valenciano and ordered Grisham and his crew to the ground. Grisham lawfully refused. It was Valenciano that personally tazed and arrested Grisham. He had full knowledge who Grisham was and why he was there. The officers continued to refuse to state why they were arresting him.

The department is also refusing to process open records requests.

Valenciano and the Olmos Park PD are in some serious trouble. This is insubordination on behalf of a local municipality against Texas state law. The Texas grassroots is on this. I am convinced that Valenciano has never seen the power of the Texas Grassroots! Phones at the Governors office, the AG office, the Texas Rangers and other elected Texas officials are ringing off the hook. A lawsuit is on the way.

“Chief Valenciano believes the Olmos Park Police Department is above the law and appears to enjoy terrorizing lawful gun owners,” Open Carry Texas Vice President David Amad said in a statement. “Open Carry Texas will not allow such outrageous abuse by government officials against law abiding Texans. We will fight until Olmos Park respects the constitutional rights of citizens and the laws of the State of Texas.”

A message for the Olmos Park Police Department was not immediately returned. Imagine that!




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