Obama Ignores Rev. Billy Graham Tributes and Promotes Presidential Library

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That’s some Christian there all right. As I’ve always said whenever President Obama blathered on and on about how he’s a Christian – you can stick a branch in your eye, but it doesn’t make you a tree.. Billy Graham was America’s Pastor. He was the leading Christian in the US, if not the world.

When he passed away last week, Obama tweeted out kind words in his memory: “Billy Graham was a humble servant who prayed for so many – and who, with wisdom and grace, gave hope and guidance to generations of Americans.” His words in my opinion were inadequate and it turns out he just couldn’t make time to go pay his respects to Graham in DC, much less attend his upcoming funeral.

Instead, Obama made a surprise visit to a community meeting in Chicago to promote the building of his presidential library. Was it because Graham was too Christian? Too white? Not enough Muslim? Who knows and in the end, it doesn’t matter. What does stand out is that Obama once again has made it all about himself this week. There is no respect for Graham, there never was. Just words and platitudes… empty thoughts from an empty suit in an empty chair. These are the actions of someone who detests Christians, especially a great man like Billy Graham.

Graham met with and mentored every president from Harry Truman on. His works spanned from the 1940s to the 21st century and his life was pretty much scandal free and uplifting. He in fact also earned the moniker of Pastor to the Presidents. Graham was a humble man, never self-serving. Trump met with Graham before becoming president. He was on hand to help celebrate the preacher’s 95th birthday in 2013. Obama met Graham in the spring of 2010 at Graham’s home in Montreat, North Carolina.

George W. Bush and his wife Laura traveled to Graham’s library in Charlotte on Monday to pay their respects to the late Christian leader. Bush also gave greetings from his 93 year-old father George H.W. Bush, who is in failing health. Bush said, “I know he wished he could come too, but he’s not moving around much these days, but his spirit and heart is here.” I am sure that is true. I may not have always agreed with the Bush family, but they are Christians. Former President Jimmy Carter, also 93 and who has experienced health challenges, sent his regrets. Again, I hated Carter as a president, but he is a Christian as well.


Former President Bill Clinton, like George W. Bush, made the journey to Charlotte on Tuesday. Clinton told reporters that he first heard Graham preach in Little Rock, Arkansas, when the future politician was an 11 year-old boy. He said meeting him later as an adult was one of the most memorable events of his life. Clinton claims to be a Christian, but he’s not and never has been. However, he at least did the right thing here. Clinton noted that Graham demanded that his 1959 Little Rock crusade be integrated and threatened to pull out when city leaders resisted. The pastor also became a strong supporter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s fight for racial equality. “The ground at the foot of the cross is level, and it touches my heart when I see whites standing shoulder to shoulder with blacks at the cross,” Graham said.

Media outlets reported on Monday that Obama “is not planning to attend memorial services for the late evangelist Rev. Billy Graham this week.” It would have been a relatively short flight for Obama, but he could not be bothered with it. But he certainly made time to got to Chicago to lobby for the approval of building his presidential library on the city’s South Side. It would be a monument to him and he wants it badly for his Marxist legacy. Obama was trying to assuage public concern to assure local residents that his temple would not cause housing costs to increase and be too disruptive to their neighborhood. Of course, he’s lying.

“A lot of times, people get nervous about gentrification and understandably so,” Obama said. “It is not my experience … that the big problem on the South Side has been too much development, too much economic activity, too many people being displaced because all these folks from Lincoln Park are filling into the South Side. That’s not what’s happening.” Instead of tweeting about Graham on Tuesday during the tributes, Obama tweeted about himself, reminiscing about his days as a community organizer in the 1990s.

As for President Trump, yesterday, he spoke at a ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda lauding the life Graham led as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The president also plans to travel to Charlotte to attend Graham’s funeral service on Friday. Actions speak so much louder than words.

Source: Western Journal

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