New Jersey High School Suspends Students For Going To Gun Range Outside Of School Hours

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Two “straight-A” students at Lacey Township High-school in NJ were suspended after it came to light they had attended a private gun range with their parents, on their own time, outside of school hours.

The school snooped their social media. The boys had posted a picture of themselves shooting guns in New Jersey with the caption “fun day at the range“.

The school’s zero tolerance policy says that students cannot be in possession of weapons at any time, whether on or off campus. The school and district are facing community backlash and the threat of a lawsuit over district policies.

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The student handbook states that students are subject to suspension if they are “reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type for any reason or purpose WHETHER ON OR OFF SCHOOL GROUNDS during the academic year.”

Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs attorney Dan Schmutter penned the lawyer letter, which also demands that the school district rescind its unconstitutional policy, clear the records of the students disciplined, and apologize to the students and their families.

Furious? You know the drill! Remember, keep it clean and mannerly, threats and obnoxiousness hurts, it does not help.

Lacey Township High School Contacts:

School Phone: (609) 971-2020

Principal Gregory Brandis: Email:  [email protected] Twitter: @PrincipalLTHS

Superintendent Craig Wigley: Phone: (609) 971-2000 ext. 1002 Email: [email protected]

District FB (They are deleting comments, give them more to delete)

The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs demanded in a lawyer letter that the Lacey Township School District immediately rescind disciplinary actions taken against several students for posting social media photos of themselves near firearms at a target range.

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The Maven reports:

An attorney from a New Jersey gun organization association announced that a lawsuit may be pending after a school disciplined two students for going to a gun range outside of school hours. reported that attorney Daniel Schmutter, with the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, sent a letter to Lacey Township School District officials after two students posted pictures on Snapchat showing them at a gun range.

There was no threatening context to the pictures or anything that would otherwise cause alarm.

In the letter, Schmutter stated that suspending the two students for posting photos off school grounds and unrelated to school activities was a “very serious violation” of the their rights.

Schmutter said the students were both “straight-A” students, according to He also said that the students had attempted to return to school. They were not allowed to go to classes.

The claims are that there is a school district policy which prohibits firearm possession by students on or off school grounds.

“These are top-quality kids,” Schumuter said. “It’s astonishing what they have done to these kids.”

According to, the Lacey Township school district follows the Safe Schools Initiative, the Zero Tolerance for Guns Act and also has its own zero-tolerance policy for any students who have weapons in their possession, on or off school grounds.

Students could be subject to a long-term suspension for up to one-year, according to Schmutter.

Again, the only way to combat such nonsense is severe pressure on the school and district.

They are getting national news coverage. Contact the school and district. Kindly, let them know that this was a very wrong decision. This is about parental sovereignty. The school has severely crossed that line. They have no right to tell parents what they can and cannot allow their children to do.

Lacey Township High School Contacts:

School Phone: (609) 971-2020

Principal Gregory Brandis: Email:  [email protected] Twitter: @PrincipalLTHS

Superintendent Craig Wigley: Phone: (609) 971-2000 ext. 1002 Email: [email protected]

District FB (They are deleting comments, give them more to delete)

Anthony Muro posted the claim of the two students being suspended at 6:23 p.m. March 13 on the Lacey Township Chatter public Facebook group.

“INFO NEEDED: it is my understanding that two students at Lacey Township High School were placed on 5 days of detention for posting pictures on social media of firearms with the caption of “fun day at the range”. If anyone has any more information regarding the validity or accuracy of this story, please let me know. I am currently under the impression that these kids were punished because someone was offended,” Muro posted.

Blue Lives Matter has contacted Lacey Township High School and read Muro’s post to Principal Gregory Brandis.

The principal said that Muro’s post was not accurate; however, he said he would not elaborate further and say what exactly was inaccurate because the matter involved high school students.

in other words, he lied and then hid behind privacy. Schools use this tactic when they are caught overstepping their bounds. It does not work.

Insanity at its finest.


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