How Low Will the Left Go, Using Kids To Promote Their Agenda

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The rally was supposed to last 17 minutes to remember the victims. But thousands of students gathered for hours to denounce the Second Amendment and cheer for Bernie Sanders.

Meanwhile, one student — himself a victim of a school shooting — held a respectful memorial for the dead while denouncing the March to be “disgusting” and politically motivated.

Do You Remember The Names Of The Victims?

In recent weeks, the names of the 17 victims and their families have passed quietly by the media as the left has instead focused on other students willing to spout anti-American talking points on television.

The victims don’t matter. The families with kids who will never come home don’t matter. All that matters to the left is getting enough cameras in the faces of crying students who want to use all the right buzzwords in order to force the hands of Congress to make changes.

Shooting Survivor Calls Walkout Disrespectful

I have to admire the bravery of these students. They have to grow up a lot faster than they were expected to, and even a grown adult can panic in front of a camera.

Logan Cole was injured in a school shooting that took place last year in Ohio. He has been speaking up to media to say that he believes that all the fury over the Parkland massacre is an attempt to use a tragedy for a political agenda.


The video, posted to Facebook, has been viewed at least 33,000 times.

In the video, he invites his classmates to join him at a memorial service happening at the same time as the rally. During the service, he said he would read out the names of the victims and choose moments of silence to commemorate the dead. He believes that his own survival was a miracle, since he was shot twice with a shotgun at close range. Another student was also injured. The suspect in the case has entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

“I feel that it is a good alternative to honor the victims of the shooting in a non-political way. I will not be participating in the Women’s March walkout… for the reasons mentioned in this video.”

Here’s the 1:30 long video from Logan Cole:

I invite all WL-S students, no matter your political views, to attend our memorial service for the Florida shooting victims. It will take place on Wednesday, March 14th from 12:20-12:45 during lunch and homeroom. I feel that it is a good alternative to honor the victims of the shooting in a non-political way. I will not be participating in the Women's March walkout that day for the reasons mentioned in this video.

Posted by Logan Cole on Monday, March 12, 2018

How The Women’s March Will Work

Each walkout is intended to last 17 minutes to represent the 17 dead. Liberal media including Viacom, which owns MTV and Comedy Central will suspend programming for 17 minutes.

But looking at the photos now coming in from the walkout, which started at 10am local time, it’s clear that it’s a lot longer than 17 minutes and is about a lot more than remembering the dead. This is a political rally.

SWAT Officers Suspended For Attempting To Help Students

This week we announced that two members of the Miramar Florida Police Department’s SWAT team were suspended from their jobs as a part of the investigation into their actions at Parkland on the day of the shooting.

The two men had reportedly disregarded orders and ran towards the school.

Another member was also suspended for posting remarks that were critical of the “stay back and wait” approach taken by the police officers while Nikolas Cruz continued his massacre.


Saudi Man Arrested, Suspected of Planning Massacre at Women’s March

This week we reported that a man who appears to have been planning to use several firearms including a rifle modified with a scope and a bump stock to kill people at a Women’s March this January in Indianapolis. The man was later arrested for threatening to kill a woman with the rifle at his place of business, and was detained by ICE when it was discovered that he was in America on an expired student visa. He had booked a hotel room overlooking the street that would soon swell with 3,500 attendees.

Shouldn’t the Women’s March be more concerned about violence from illegal Saudis?

Anti-Gun Lesson Plan

Before the walkout, we examined the social media profile of the organizers. The Women’s March has taken over the reins on the agenda, and yesterday were retweeting nonsense about transgenderism, abortion, race baiting and hating Trump. One of their promotions was for a gun control lesson plan. So, I downloaded the lesson plan and took a look at what the lefties at the Women’s March want to discuss. It didn’t take me long to realize that the lesson plan was just a sneaky way for the group to produce 15,000 pieces of student-made propaganda.

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