Kim Dotcom Proposes Twitter Alternative if Censorship Continues

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Kim Dotcom has called on Twitter to stop ‘censoring’ tweets, saying he’ll create an alternative to the social network if it continues.

Tired of seeing censorship on Twitter? There may be a solution soon. Kim Dotcom has proposed an alternative to Twitter ‘over censorship of Seth Rich’ tweets.

Kim Dotcom has called on Twitter to stop ‘censoring’ tweets, saying he’ll create an alternative to the social network if it continues. Dotcom told RT he believes Twitter is targeting tweets about late DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Tweeting early Saturday, the Megaupload founder urged Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to “stop messing with our free speech” and warning that if Dotcom creates an alternative platform, “Twitter could be toast within a year”.

If you keep messing with our free speech @jack I will build a team to create a Twitter alternative, without censorship. Twitter could be toast within a year. I hear you’re hurting about the Trump presidency. Don’t let your frustration destroy your business.

Dotcom had earlier tweeted at Dorsey to ask why Twitter was preventing retweeting on certain tweets. He shared a screenshot of a notice from Twitter claiming a tweet he wished to retweet was“no longer available” despite it still being on the network.

Other Twitter users wrote that they too had experienced similar issues with retweeting, with some accusing Twitter of ‘shadowbanning’ certain users. This is when the person is not aware their account’s reach has been limited, but their followers don’t see their tweets or a warning appears over their tweets. Twitter has denied this practice is in place.

Last year, it  publicized new anti-abuse measures which limit accounts deemed as abusive so their tweets are only seen by their followers. If a follower retweets their tweet, it doesn’t get shown to others.


Hello , quick question. How come is stopping its users from retweeting certain tweets that are active and haven’t been deleted? This screenshot is an example. I wanted to help to get on the podcast to talk about . Censorship?

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This Tweet is unavailable.


Then came the responses on Twitter from Doctom’s followers:


Been getting a lot of this Kim. And @jack, my tweets haven’t been getting the exposure they used to. ?@POTUS





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