Have The Democrats Abandoned DACA

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DACA expired last night. After months and years of Democrat grandstanding to the media alongside illegal aliens, they dropped the ball for the people they claim to represent.

Trump had a simple proposition: I’ll make sure some of these DACA recipients get to stay in America and get access to a path to citizenship, and you guys make sure I have the funding to build my border wall.

But, with house leader Nancy Pelosi at the reins, the Democrats refused to play ball and as a result almost two million “dreamers” in America are in legal limbo.


Trump: Dems Are Doing Nothing To Help Dreamers

Tweeting last month, The Don wrote that March 5th is “rapidly approaching and the Democrats are doing nothing about DACA.”

March 5th — that is, yesterday — DACA finally expired after being set in place by an executive order from Obama in 2012. The Democrats were supposed to be working with Trump to come up with a new plan that might help to keep some of the illegals in America and grant them a path to citizenship.

But weren’t the Democrats the party who were going to do as much as they could to find a bipartisan answer to their troubles? Right now the legal status of recipients are up in the air.

During his State of the Union, Trump said that he’d be willing to negotiate to allow some of the DACA recipients to stay, but that he’d need the Dems in the House to give something back. Trump wants his border wall. And without a border wall, there is no continuation of DACA.


“Dreamer” Says: We Are Pawns For Democrats

Last month a recipient of Obama’s move to grant work permits appeared on Fox News to praise the direction Donald Trump has taken with DACA. During the interview, Hilario Yanez said that he was able to work as an intern with Fortune 500 companies and recently signed on with a consulting firm and is on track to advance his education by taking an MBA.

Yanez called Trump’s approach as one full of “leadership and compassion” but that the Democrats have been using people like him as pawns in order to score political points. While he once praised Obama for DACA, he now says that he is “frustrated” with Democrats who are unwilling to work with Trump on the illegal immigration issue or border security.

Democrats Once Protested

Rep.  Luis Gutierrez (below, third from left) has been arrested several times in front of immigration offices and even the White House bellowing with DACA recipients. The Democrat from Chicago even protested during the Obama administration. So where is Gutierrez, shouldn’t he be pleading with fellow Democrats to the media saying that they must work harder to develop a strategy for DACA even if it means giving Trump funding for his border wall?

Memo: Protect DACA, We Need The Votes

At the start of the year a memo from a left-wing group was leaked online. The group were asking for money and they mentioned the importance of fundraising aimed at protecting illegals:

“The fight to protect Dreamers is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.

Hey, at least someone on that side of the aisle is being honest about why they’re so thrilled to grandstand with illegals. It has nothing to do with moral goodness, it’s all about making sure that future generations of Obamas, Clintons and Kennedys can get into the White House.

Grandstanding in the House

Last month Nancy Pelosi took to the floor for eight whole hours to speak on the plight of the poor widdle illegals. Later she was one of the many Democrats who refused to stand and applaud the great things that Trump has done to alleviate black unemployment. Clearly, standing up has meaning for Nancy and the Dems. She refused to stand for Trump even when he is fixing things for the people she’s supposed to represent, but she’ll stand all day long if it’s for the kind of people who need to be imported to vote down the line.

Even Left Wing Crazies Are Mad

A few months ago, the extremely left-wing site Democracy Now published an article titled:

“DACA Recipients’ Message to Democrats: Stop Playing with Our Lives, and Pass a Clean DREAM Act Now”

Even the lefties know that the Democrats are just passing them around.

Sources: Daily Wire, Democracy Now

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