Department Of Justice Sues California Over Illegals

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Trump teamed up with the Justice Department last night to pick a fight with California. Democrats in the state have warned illegals about ICE raids and are putting the safety of citizens behind looking good for the cameras.

According to the filing, three laws that had recently been passed in California were deliberate attempts to violate and interfere with federal immigration standards. The federal offices are looking to immediately block enforcement of the laws.

The Three Laws

In the past year since Trump was elected, California passed three laws:

One gives additional protections for workers against ICE agents. According to the DOJ, the law prevents employers from being able to voluntary cooperate with immigration authorities. Some companies have complained that they are unable to comply with both federal and state policies. The state law now indicated that employer must demand warrants from ICE agents before allowing them to view employee records or to view the premises.

Another law has been called the “Sanctuary State” bill which limits the ability of municipalities and cities from cooperating with ICE agents, including preventing state authorities from offering information on illegal aliens who are currently incarcerated.

The third law allows state officials to inspect immigration detention facilities run by the Department of Homeland Security.

Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions

Sessions recently commented:


“The Department of Justice and the Trump Administration are going to fight these unjust, unfair and unconstitutional policies. We are fighting to make [the jobs of California law enforcement officers] safer and help you reduce crime in America.”

In response, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown tried his best Donald Trump impression:

Gov. Jerry Brown Still A Blind Fool

Jerry Brown has been the leader on the left coast since 2011, having previously been in charge from 1975-1983. His father Edmund Brown was also a Governor of California, serving from 1959-1967.

In a way, he’s the Californian answer to the Clintons, Kennedys and Bushes. And he’s only ever in the news when he’s signing in an outrageous new law or being mad at Trump.

Unless you’re rich or homeless, California has the worst quality of life in the entire country. That’s according to a new survey that agrees with the long-known notion that if you’re middle class and trying to get by, you’re so bogged down with taxes, regulations and traffic that you’re better off packing up and moving. Santa Monica is great if you’re extremely wealthy. It’s also the best place in the country to live if you’re homeless. Taking a stroll along the pier is also a window into the terrible way that so many veterans suffer if you see the sickening number of “Homeless Vet – Please Help” signs held up by the men there.

Their illegal population contributes hard labor to the rich lefties running farms who’d rather pay a few bucks a day instead of hiring an American. And if a Mexican or Guatemalan gets hurt on your farm or construction site, you get the other fellas to bundle him off of your property before the authorities show up. If you’re the Mayor of Oakland, you have your own backwards way of dealing with aliens.

California Dem Mayor Tells Illegals To Hide From Bust

Last week we covered the story of the Mayor of Oakland, who took to social media to warn illegals in the San Francisco Bay Area that ICE will start rounding them up. The warning was posted just hours before ICE operations began. Despite have over 800 targets, half of them with criminal convictions including serious crimes such as violence against children, they were only able to nab around 150 individuals.

The Deputy Director roasted Mayor Libby Schaaf for choosing known gang members over Americans, but Schaff responded that she doesn’t feel bad at all. The big mystery behind the scenes at Joe For America is why these Democrats even want to run cities when it’s clear they think Americans are second class.

Gov. Jerry Brown himself was Mayor of Oakland from 2007-2011. I wonder if Schaaf is positioning herself to be the next Governor?

California’s Recent Banning Spree

In the last few months, California has kept up their reputation as being completely insane by banning:

Naturally, I’m very much looking forward to see both the DOJ and the Trump administration lighting a fire under their butts. Regulating starter pets is insane, but putting convicted illegals above law abiding American citizens is criminal.

Source: Fox News

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