Democrat FAILURE! Predicted a ‘Blue Wave’ in Texas and Got a Red Tsunami!

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The leftist media and Democrats cried for months that there was a huge ‘Blue Wave’ headed for Texas, the beginning of turning the state blue, and what happened was the complete opposite in this week’s primary.

The results are in and not just Republicans, but conservatives won HUUUUGE in Texas.

The State went redder. The Republican body in Austin went redder as well asTexans heading to Congress in DC went redder!

With 99 percent of precincts reporting Wednesday, Democrats had cast a little more than 1 million votes. Republicans, on the other hand, accounted for 1.5 million votes.

Of those, nearly 700,000 came on Election Day. The highest Democratic turnout for a midterm in 16 years and Texas still went redder.

The Democratic candidates drew just over a million votes. Republicans took in over 1.5 million. The Democratic senate nominee, Beto O’Rourke, got 641,324 votes.Republican Sen. Ted Cruz got 1,317,450.

The largest flop of the night was the huge attempt by educators to send a message to Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick to back off on issues such as private school vouchers. The educators put their support behind a number of moderate Republicans and Democrats and basically walked away with nada.

Democrats and even liberal Republicans went after four of the most staunch conservatives in the Texas House, and lost. While the two most liberal House Republicans got fired.


Conservatives in the meantime, added four more ‘Freedom Caucus’ members.

Conservatives took out a liberal Republican state senator and kept liberal challengers from replacing conservative state senators.

The Texas House moved to the right and the Texas Senate moved to the right.

The runnoff looks to fill four to six more open house seats with conservatives as well as several US Congressional seats.

In the primary, the Republican representation in Austin definitely went redder.

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In what looks to be a repeat, a bigger repeat of 2012, the nationwide Democrat machine funneled millions of dollars into the state. In fact, some estimate the Democrats outspent the Republicans 20-1.

But it not only did not work, it backfired..again.

You must remember the election cycle for 2012. Wendy Davis, an anti-Gun, anti-God, anti-Life, and wannabee socialist entered the race in Texas for the top of the ticket.

BattlegroundTexas, funded by George Soros and the nationwide Democrat machine, came into the state en masse. They out spent and out worked Republicans  across the state in unprecedented numbers.

Between Wendy Davis and Battleground Texas, they actually accomplished the opposite of the task. In the end, Texas was redder than ever before. No statewide Democrat, including Wendy Girl, broke 40% in the final tally.

The day after the election, BattlegroundTexas slid out of the state without a word. (And went to Israel where they tried to do the same against Benjamin Netanyahu, and failed there as well.)

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The national Democrat Party does not know Texas’ big secret: Texas Democrats are on the whole, conservative, not far leftists.

As long as they keep trying to force far-left candidates like Wendy Davis, they will lose ground.

On Tuesday, almost all the candidates that liberal Democratic groups pushed won their primary outright or made it to a runoff. Democrats are cheering, and most likely way too soon.

The likely Democrat candidate for governor will be disgraced by former Dallas sheriff and open lesbian Lupe Valdez.

“I am the Democratic Party,” Valdez said this month. “Look at me. I’m Hispanic, lesbian, I’ve been the sheriff of Dallas County for the last 13 years. I not only represent law and order, I represent compassion.”

At best, Valdez embraced reforms that years of scandal had forced upon the Dallas County jail. At worst, she downplayed problems and withheld information on jail deaths.

The day she announced her run for governor, the Dallas Morning News editorial board called Valdez’s record as sheriff borderline disqualifying, scolding her for “transparency-resistant tendencies, especially in regard to prisoner deaths and other violent incidents.”

Things were so bad, the feds also made Valdez subject her detention centers to inspections by federal monitors every six months.

Valdez at the top of the Democrat ticket could well do more damage than Wendy Davis did in 2012.

When will liberals learn? They have set themselves up for failure in November, just like they did in 2012.

If they wanted to win, they should have appealed to the conservative side of the Democrat party, which is their base. These Democrats love God, love Guns, and are far from loving abortion.

Instead, they work hard to appeal to California and New York liberals. Will someone please tell them that this is Texas?

Well, maybe we will not tell them….

For your listening pleasure, some great Texas music from my friend Ban Capron!





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