CNN Goes to Strip Club to Expose Stormy Daniels’ Tale

2 1,103

We can now report something which heretofore seemed like something out of a science fiction or romance novel, but CNN has cast a bright light upon:

It seems likes that super-rich real estate tycoons, entertainment moguls, billionaires and other mega-powerful men have, just over the past few years, developed a strong tendency to spend time pursuing and actually spending time with what can only be described as young, beautiful and sexy women.

Apparently, they like it and with the wealth and power they’ve aquired – it’s become often times vice-versa, with young, “hot” (sic) women pursuing what some are calling; “Sugar Daddy’s”. CNN has blown the lid off this phenomenon with it’s dogged pursuit of objective, impartial hard-hitting news, and unstoppable hunger to uncover only the truth, and nothing but the truth.

From blackswanalert:

CNN first went dumpster-diving outside the Russian troll farm accused of costing Hillary Clinton the election and “undermining democracy” (turns out America can do so on its own), it then sent a film crew to Thailand to interview the Belarus hooker currently holed up in a local jail after she vowed to spill Trump’s secrets (if only the CIA first gets her out of jail of course), and then overnight, in its crusade to leave no Trump stone unturned, CNN dispatched a camera crew to Stormy Daniels’ first live strip club performance since she filed a lawsuit against the President claiming the nondisclosure agreement she signed to keep quiet about their alleged affair is invalid because he never signed it.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is a porn star who regularly makes appearances at strip clubs across the country; on Friday night she was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to perform at the Solid Gold gentleman’s club.

CNN’s hard-hitting reporter Nick Valencia appeared on New Day on Saturday morning after Stormy’s show to report that the stripper performed in front of about 200 people, and while she had said previously she would not talk to the press, she did just that when she gave an interview during a meet and greet afterwards.


Don’t wash that hand.

Here’s what we know: Stormy Daniels is a porn star, she makes porno’s, which means she sells her body for money, kinda like a prostitute – only there’s a camera crew there, so that somehow makes you not a prostitute even though you’re having sex for money.

However.. Stormy claims that President Trump paid her $130,000 through his lawyer to shut up for some reason and I don’t know how much a porn star makes – but she shut up for many years. Then, of course, Donald Trump became President and now Stormy is in big demand at strip clubs, on TV shows and, of course – CNN!

After all, it was CNN, who during the 2016 presidential election, did some incredibly, in-depth investigative reporting on every single woman in Hillary Clinton’s past who claimed Hillary destroyed their live’s as leader of the ‘Bimbo Eruption’ team, who took care of Bill’s used sluts (BUS) in short order – including the woman who very credibly accused Bill Clinton of raping her.

Just kidding, CNN acted like nothing ever happened. They’re not just fake news, they’re now fake boobs.

So something happened with Trump and a porn star ten, twenty years ago, whatever. I don’t like being put in a position of having to defend a billionaire real estate / entertainment / East Coast, crass, loud-mouth / not-my-generation tycoon – okay?

None of us know what did or didn’t happen and it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things to Democrats, anyway… not by a mile. You couldn’t care less you lying sacks.

May I remind you that in 2012 at the Democrat National Convention, a credibly accused rapist, serial philanderer, sociopath who humiliated his wife and daughter in public for decades, who was impeached for lying under oath; was the keynote speaker. YOU LOVE BUBBA!!

At that very same convention, there was also a long video tribute to Ted Kennedy, who by the way, in the War on Women STILL has the only confirmed kill.

SO: To all my liberal female friends, I ask you: Would you rather be:

A: Driven off a bridge and left to drown
B: Raped, sexually assaulted, harassed, serially cheated on, be put on your knees as an intern by a nasty fat, old redneck twice your age and have him spray his DNA on your dress after you service him, then have your life ruined by a nasty witch? (rhymes with Skillary)
C: Contract terminal cancer and have your husband start banging his campaign worker (that’s John Edwards for you morons who watch CNN)
D: Have your husband Anthony Weiner sitting in prison for sexting with a minor…

– OR –

E: Get a check for $130k from Trump’s lawyer to shut up ?

You know every time someone in the mainstream media or a Democrat (but I repeat myself) talks about someone’s past personal life being an issue, you sound retarded. You are. Shut up.

But now, CNN, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and plenty of other illiterates – on the word of a porn star, mind you – are calling for the head of President Donald Trump for ** GASP possible improper sexual behavior.

BTW – how many gay bath houses in Chicago did CNN visit between 2008 and 2016?

Just askin’…

Methinks the obvious question is: Should we believe Ms. Daniels – or whatever her cupsize is?

From The Smoking Gun:

In mid-July 2006, Donald Trump traveled to Stateline, Nevada to play in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, a three-round tournament at the Edgewood Tahoe links on the banks of Lake Tahoe.

Trump was among an 80-player field stocked with athletes like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Mario Lemieux, as well as entertainers including Ray Romano and Cheech Marin. During one round, Trump’s threesome included NFL quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and skier Bode Miller. Of the two women who competed, one was Carolyn Kepcher, a Trump Organization executive who co-starred with her boss in “The Apprentice,” which a month earlier concluded its fifth season on NBC.

While Trump often bragged about his golfing prowess, he had a lousy showing at the tournament, which was broadcast by NBC. The real estate developer finished 62nd, 55 strokes behind the winner, actor Jack Wagner (Kepcher came in 78th, edging out Charles Barkley by a stroke).

Though Trump finished in the tournament’s lower reaches, the weekend was not a total loss. While the billionaire’s wife was at home with the couple’s four-month-old son, Trump struck up an acquaintance with a female celebrity who did not tee off, but rather worked the event.

In a gifting suite stocked with freebies for the celebrity golfers, Trump met Stephanie Clifford, a porn actress known professionally as “Stormy Daniels.” Clifford, 27 at the time, had appeared in scores of X-rated films and, owing to her status as a “contract girl” with Wicked Pictures, was a household name in the adult film industry.

As part of her deal with Wicked, Clifford would occasionally make promotional appearances on behalf of the film studio, which had launched the career of Jenna Jameson. At the Lake Tahoe tournament, Clifford (and fellow actress Jessica Drake) greeted players, sponsors, and tournament officials at a booth stocked with Wicked swag.

While some celebrities might have thought twice about taking a photo with the star of “Porking with Pride #2” and “Spreading My Seed,” comedians Kevin Nealon and Anthony Anderson had no such reservations.

Nor did Trump, who posed next to Clifford in front of a backdrop with a repeating Wicked logo. As seen above, the businessman wore khakis and a golf shirt and hat with the Trump National Golf Club logo. Clifford, not dressed for 18 holes, wore a tight black crop top.

The photo op between the married billionaire and the porn star would be the start of a relationship that would prompt whispers in the adult film community, according to TSG sources. In fact, Clifford confided to friends that she engaged in a sexual affair with Trump, whom she claimed had promised to help her get cast on “The Apprentice” or another TV show.

Clifford did not respond to TSG requests for comment on her dealings with Trump.

At the time Clifford met Trump, she was between marriages and living with Michael Mosny, who later became her second husband. In a series of interviews, Mosny recalled that after Clifford met Trump at the Nevada golf tournament–where she had dinner one night with the mogul and Roethlisberger–she maintained contact with the businessman.

Trump, Mosny said, would dial the couple’s Los Angeles home and chat with Clifford (who sometimes put the calls on speakerphone). Mosny recalled that Trump invited Clifford to the January 2007 launch of Trump Vodka. Paparazzi photos show that Trump, his son Donald Jr., Kim Kardashian, and Clifford (accompanied by fellow porn star Tera Patrick) attended the party at the Les Deux nightclub in L.A.. In March 2007, at Trump’s invitation, Clifford attended the Trump-owned Miss USA pageant at L.A.’s Kodak Theater (Mosny recalled driving Clifford to the venue, but he did not attend the pageant).

On another occasion, Mosny said, Clifford met with Trump one evening at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Additionally, during a trip to New York, Clifford stopped by Trump’s Manhattan office, Mosny recalled.

Asked about the nature of Clifford’s relationship with Trump, Mosny–who married Clifford in November 2007–said that he was “not under the impression” that she had an affair with the tycoon. “It would be surprising, but not shocking,” said Mosny, who added that Clifford had many celebrity fans, some of whom became friends with the porn star.

While Mosny knew of his girlfriend’s contacts with the New York billionaire, it seems unlikely that Melania Trump would have been aware that her husband of 18 months had struck up a friendship with an adult film actress who would later be inducted into the porn industry’s Hall of Fame.

Stormy after being arrested for domestic violence

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