Entire Stadium Laughs At Worst ‘Star Spangled Banner’ Ever

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Caught on camera, the NBA All-Stars held back laughter, but you can hear the entire crowd in the stadium laugh out loud at the worst rendition of the National Anthem in years.

Washed-up pop star Stacy Ferguson, known as Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, gave a tone-deaf and unforgivable performance.

The Anthem was sung in the lead-up to the NBA All-Star game which took place last night. It was billed as Team LeBron James and Team Stephen Curry, and ended 148-145 for Team LeBron. The exhibition game is hosted annually and has been since 1951 with the teams play for a selected charity each year. The halftime show is usually a big draw, with past performers including Elton John, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. This year’s half time show was provided by N.E.R.D. and Migos. No, I’ve never heard of them either.

You can watch the video here and scroll to read more about the mess that is Fergie herself, the lack of Auto-Tune and celebrity reactions.

Social Media and Celebrity Reaction

We’ve given Steph Curry failing grades (for insulting Trump) and passing marks (for being public about his Christianity) in the past. Curry was one of the team leaders for the game, and while he didn’t say anything himself, he was busy “liking” posts that were insulting the performance.

Beyonce, who was once insulted by Etta James for performing James’ signature tune At Last at the first Inaugural Ball for Barack Obama, was also in the crowd but did not comment publicly.


LeBron James was in the news this weekend for cursing out Donald Trump. When he was brought to task by a Fox News host, James dug himself in deeper with him comments while he and Kevin Durant cried to the media that it was racism.

Here are some more reactions:

Comments on the YouTube video generally agree with the complaints. Right now the video has over 2,000,000 views with 25,000 dislikes to 4,000 likes. The top comments on the video are these:

“this was NOT fergalicious…”

“If nobody has gone with the headline “Star Strangled, Ban-Her” yet, they’re missing a serious pun opportunity.”

“Someone pls tell me they filmed Beyonce’s face during this performance!”

Where was the Auto-Tune?

Auto-Tune is pitch correction software that most noticeably hit the scene with goofy Cher’s 1998 warbler Believe. But singing on stage into a microphone can be a real challenge, where you hear your own voice a fraction of a second after you hit the note. Without training and the proper sound equipment, even a good singer can struggle to stay on the right now.

There are singers now whose hit songs on the radio use Auto-Tune not to correct their singing, but because everyone is used to it.

A professor of music at Boston University has pushed back against Auto-Tune, citing that a genre like blues relies on hitting flat notes.”The music is not just about hitting the pitch,” says Prof. Victor Coelho.

A producer from the UK named John Parish, who still uses a bit of Auto-Tune described hearing some “young people in a studio a few years back” who were calling the Beatles “sloppy” for their “flat harmonies.” They were listening to Paperback Writer and commented that they didn’t think the Beatles were “so good,” after all. Having heard Paul play it live, I’d love to disagree. Love for The Beatles is a major Kids These Days issue. Sir Paul was denied entry to a Grammy party because the staff didn’t recognize him. But it stands — modern audiences expect Auto-Tune, but that doesn’t excuse us for being critical of the thrown-together performance by Stacy Ferguson.

We Already HAD A Fergie

It’s still offensive that the singer Fergie would take over the nickname for Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York and former wife of Prince Andrew, the second son to the current Queen Elizabeth.

Original Fergie (in the wedding dress)

The Real Fergie has been in the news since before her marriage in 1986, while this uniquely disgraceful Fergie has been in the public eye since the breakout album Elephunk by the Black Eyed Peas.

Remember The Good Times

For a palate cleanser, here’s Whitney Houston’s performance of the national anthem from Super Bowl XXV which took place in Tampa in 1991.

Night and day!

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