Sneaky Democrats Intentionally Put Sensitive Information in Their Memo Rebuttal to Trap Trump

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Wow! To be a fly on the wall in the Democrat’s meeting plotting their next slimy move on the FISA memo scandal. First they insist to anyone who will listen that the release of the GOP memo would be so irresponsible and its contents would compromise national security. Then the GOP memo comes out and when there is nothing like that in there, the Democrats call it a “nothingburger.” Now, they have drafted their own memo to refute the GOP memo, and have sneakily tried to trap the President.

Democrats are out there crying that their memo better be released in its entirety with no redactions by Trump in an attempt to “cover up” the truth. So what do they do? It is alleged that the Democrat memo intentionally contains sensitive information so that Trump is forced to redact some of it or deny its release altogether. Then they can run around saying he is hiding something. Pretty clever if it weren’t so obvious what they were trying to do.

H/T Fox News

“The Democratic rebuttal to a highly publicized GOP memo alleging government surveillance abuse is filled with sensitive details, a source told Fox News – claiming this was done intentionally to pressure the White House to either block the memo’s release or significantly redact it.

The claim comes after the House Intelligence Committee voted Monday to approve the release of the Democratic document.

“We think this will help inform the public of the many distortions and inaccuracies in the majority memo,” California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the panel, told reporters.

The vote was unanimous, he said.

The White House will now review the memo before deciding on possible redactions or objections, as it did with the Republican memo that ultimately was released in full last Friday.

“The White House has received a memorandum from the minority members of the House Select Permanent Committee on Intelligence. As stated many times, the Administration will follow the same process and procedure with this memorandum from the minority as it did last week, when it received the memorandum from the majority,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

The source who spoke to Fox News has read the Democrats’ rebuttal memo, and said it is filled with information on sources and methods taken from original documents.

While the source described this as a way to put the White House in a difficult spot, Schiff maintained publicly that he wants to make sure the White House “does not redact our memo for political purposes.” A Schiff aide referred Fox News back to those comments when asked about the claim that the memo intentionally contained sources and methods.

Schiff again said Tuesday on CNN that he’s concerned about the White House making political redactions – not to protect sources, but to block information that might be unfavorable to the president.

On Friday, Republicans on the Intelligence Committee released the GOP memo from Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., which claimed the FBI and DOJ would not have sought surveillance warrants to spy on onetime Trump campaign adviser Carter Page without the infamous, Democrat-funded anti-Trump dossier.

The White House responded by saying the memo “raises serious concerns about the integrity of decisions made at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and the FBI to use the government’s most intrusive surveillance tools against American citizens.”

The release followed vocal objections from Democrats that the memo’s release could hurt national security.”

Wow they sure are underhanded. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. They fight tooth and nail to prevent the release of the GOP memo, but then claim they have nothing to hide. Then, they set a trap where they pretend to want transparency but put President Trump in a no-win situation. Talk about dirty, slimy politics.

It is essential that we get the word out that the Democrats are intentionally manipulating their memo to require redactions. Unfortunately, the MSM will not be helping to get the truth out there.

As Mike Huckabee recently tweeted “I lived through Pentagon Papers and Watergate, Iran Contra and Whitewater and more but 1st time in my life seeing Press trying to keep lid on govt actions rather than fully expose. They hate THAT much. More than they love truth. Sad. Journalism is dead.”

That about says it all. Sad but true.

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