Trump Might Solve Food Stamp Abuse as Liberals Melt

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With unemployment claims powering down throughout the country, Joe the Plumber has a few thoughts on Trump’s next big change.

President Trump’s White House budget director, Mick Mulvaney has recently announced that changing EBT from payouts loaded on cards to delivered boxes of non-perishable foods would save the federal government $129 billion over the next ten years.

It’s not just work by the federal government that is clearing up welfare and unemployment statistics, though consumer and investment confidence is at an all time high. New Hampshire has done a tremendous job in recent years powering down their welfare handouts by restricting access and focusing on the people who really need it.

Last year, lawmakers in the Granite State have required that all able-bodied Medicaid recipients must work between 20 and 30 hours per week. And new this year the state’s Republicans are looking to enforce the same idea in other government programs. Rep. Neal Kurk said that help should be for the less fortunate, but not when they are “no longer” less fortunate. They are currently pushing for a waiver to apply this same philosophy to the federal food stamps program. New Mexico and Maine have also made improvements to their welfare rolls through fair, gradual changes.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is in charge of funding EBT, and while they’ve been reported as pushing back on this waiver in the past, they might be singing a different tune soon now that Trump’s turned his eye to abuse in the program.

Mick Mulvaney has introduced the proposal to change from EBT payments to boxed food items.

Right now, EBT is under fire for its ability to be abused. There will always be people who need help and charity. For most of western history, it would be your local church parish who would reach out to help. Single mothers were the responsibility of the parish. The monarchy only cared about wealthy orphans, because they could benefit from their family’s holdings for years until the child grew up to inherit.

Now, the government takes over everything. When you need help in your life, whether it’s moving a couch or looking for a babysitter, you’d ask your family first, then your friends, then your community. Now the government is expected to be that best friend.

What Is EBT? What Can You Buy on SNAP?

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is delivered by Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. EBT has been phased in since the 1990s, and has been used in all states since 2004. SNAP is deposited directly onto your EBT card and can be used to purchased certain food items.

But, there are foods that you can buy on SNAP that most people would have a hard time believing to be essential.

Taking a quick look down this list.

When I run to the store for some basics, it’s usually bread-milk-eggs-meat-veg-fruit.

But here we can see that soft drinks take the number one spot for purchases. Not only can you put up some Coca-cola, but you can add in some ice cream, cookies, coffee cream, potato chips and candy, too.

Here’s an easier graph to read:

What’s in the new Food Box?

Mulvaney compared the box program to meal service kits like Blue Apron.

The box, to be decided on by the Department of Agriculture will be called the “America’s Harvest Box” which would include shelf-stable (probably powered or canned) milk, peanut butter, cereal and canned fruits and meats. Which sounds like what I’d buy in the event of a scheduled power outage.

Twitter has given us the real harvest, though. One woman, who says she works as a cashier at a grocery store (while simulatenously claiming to be someone who pays into federal income tax), went on a rant about how “most users [of SNAP] are white,” probably not realizing that she works in a white area. She complained that “conservatives would have you believe that all of our SNAP money is going to inner-city undocumented immigrants and/or blacks.”

Oh, and they’re spending it on soy-free egg-free hippie trash, too. And sometimes steaks.

But conservatives still get to use Twitter, despite the best efforts of the left.

Joe the Plumber Weighs In

Speaking with Joe the Plumber himself this morning, he had a few thoughts on the new changes to SNAP. He said that for starters, there’s an issue here, and at least Trump is trying to solve or fix that issue. The fact remains that SNAP has an is still being abused.

“Welfare isn’t about quality of life,” he said, but instead it’s about helping people who are in need. “Snap is not supposed to be a lifetime achievement.”

Incidentally, we were chatting about venison recipes this weekend.

Joe went on to say that it was indeed Bill Clinton who had been credited with the 1990s reform of welfare. If Bill can earn praise for making some changes, why is it evil for Trump to try to make another update?

Sources: Yahoo, Zero Hedge, CNS, Boston

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