Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee Declares Entitlement: ‘I’m a QUEEN and I DEMAND to be Treated Like One’

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Recently we covered disgraceful behavior by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee on a United Airlines flight where she bumped a teacher out of a first class seat so Lee could have it.

Then the airline denied it. But this isn’t the first time that Lee has been caught using her station and race to get her way.

There are decades of instances where she has done things like this. The Texas Democrat is infamous for her arrogant behavior.

Shall we?

Elected in 1994, Lee has a long and storied history of transportation drama, including berating flight attendants on first class flights and making her congressional staff drive her one block, while waiting on her for hours and disrupting traffic.

She’s also been noted as calling her employees, “you stupid motherf***er,” while referring to herself as Congressional royalty.

I kid you not. “You don’t understand. I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen,” she was quoted saying in 1998, three years into her nearly 23-year tenure on Capitol Hill.

This is a woman who is as corrupt as the day is long and has never done anything for her constituents. Why she keeps getting elected is beyond me.


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The Weekly Standard dug into her activities in 2002.

The congresswoman, the article noted, lived about ‘200 paces’ from her Cannon Building Capitol Hill office, though still insisted on a ride.

On December 6, 2001, a blue Ford Contour with government plates pulled up to her apartment building, where it idled for 23 minutes, blocking rush hour traffic in the meantime on one of Capitol Hill’s busiest streets and ticking everyone off in the process. She didn’t care.

When the congresswoman finally appeared, an aide opened the car’s doors for her and waited while Jackson Lee stood outside the automobile to take a phone call. Then an awkward moment ensued when Jackson Lee stared her staffer down until the congresswoman’s jacket and shawl were removed. You’ve got to be freaking kidding me. She treats her staffers like slaves.

In 2011, Lee’s drivers said that she demanded they run red lights and drive on highway shoulders.

It caused at least one accident. Jackson Lee was screaming at a staffer to drive faster when the aide turned too sharply and ran the car into a wall.

While her time was precious, staffers’ testified theirs was not. “Whatever time she told me to be there, I would always show up at least 20 minutes later, and expect to wait at least 45 minutes,” one of Jackson Lee’s drivers said. “She was making me wait in the car, sometimes upwards of five to seven hours per day.” Idling the car so much started to damage its engine. You realize the tax payers pay for all of this, including the gas she wastes by pulling this crap.

Jackson Lee also has a tense relationship with Continental, the Houston-based carrier that merged with United in 2010.

Jackson Lee’s staff would book seats on multiple flights for her weekend trips back to Houston, allowing the congresswoman to pick the trip that would best fit her schedule. Again, she’s not paying for any of this. This, however, would leave the airline in a bind as Continental wouldn’t be able to sell off the premier seats she didn’t use. Even though she bought coach, most of the time Lee was bumped up to first class. She bullied her way into those seats.

In February 1998, while sitting in first class, Lee famously berated a flight attendant over her meal choice not being available on the particular plane she chose to fly home on. “Don’t you know who I am?” the congresswoman reportedly said. “I’m Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Where is my seafood meal? I know it was ordered!” She’s a cliche AND rude. It’s a twofer. After this incident, the vice president of Continental’s government affairs office called Jackson Lee and warned her that her behavior needed to improve or she would not be flying the airline again.

Then, in May of 1999:

Lee boarded a Continental flight out of DC’s Reagan National Airport only to realize that she had misplaced her purse. The congresswoman proceeded to get off the flight to look for the bag back in the terminal. Meanwhile the plane had left the gate – with the missing purse on board. Lee demanded she be let back on the plane and didn’t believe it was against Federal Aviation Administration regulation. “She accused the gate staff of racism. She demanded to see their supervisor, who was a black woman,” the Weekly Standard wrote. “Her purse, meanwhile, was unceremoniously dropped out of the cockpit window and ferried back to her.” Now, that’s funny. Sorry, it just is.

It is not at all surprising that she did this to this poor, unsuspecting teacher on a flight from Houston to Washington, DC.

When the teacher got upset, Lee said she did nothing wrong. Instead she accused the woman of racism, which wasn’t the case at all. United gave her seat to Lee because they didn’t want a scene. Then they lied to the teacher and gave her $500 and a downgraded seat. The teacher is suing… you see, she’s also an attorney. Serves all of them right, especially Lee.

H/T: The Daily Mail, Townhall, The Daily Caller

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