CNN’s Chris Cuomo Has Meltdown: Caught Spewing a Huge Lie!

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo was caught spreading fake news about a gun purchase and then went into a full melt down after he was called out for it.

The anti-gun Cuomo retweeted this fake news, and was eventually called on it by Chet Cannon:

“Hey, Chris Cuomo from CNN. Saw the article you retweeted: ‘I WAS ABLE TO BUY AN AR-15 IN 5 MINUTES[.]’ Did you see the part where he admits to neither filling out the necessary paperwork (which would initiate the background check) NOR purchasing the AR-15? Weird.”

Rather than apologize for spreading fake news, Cuomo spread even more disinformation.

“Isn’t the point that the kid’s age and lack of ID wasn’t a deterrent,” Cuomo asked.

Breitbart explains:

The story Cuomo retweeted is titled “I was able to buy an AR-15 in five minutes — I’m 20 and my ID is expired.”

But the headline is completely false. The young man did not buy the weapon or go through a background check. So he did not buy an AR-15 in five minutes. He did not buy an AR-15 at all.

“After he walked me through the paperwork, all five pages of it,” the non-buyer eventually admits, “I told him I changed my mind and wanted to think more before I bought an AR-15.”

The non-buyer also admits that he did not even fill out the paperwork, “If I had stayed for maybe three minutes longer to fill out less paperwork than I did for the hiring process at my school’s bookstore, I would’ve driven home with an AR-15.”

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The non-buyer is also sketchy about the facts surrounding his expired ID. “I gave him my license, then reached for my receipt showing I renewed it the week before,” he writes, and then adds that the clerk asked for even more verification of his identity: “Before I even got it out of my pocket, the employee told me I was good and I just needed my vehicle registration for verification. He didn’t notice that my license had expired recently.”

Finally, the non-buyer tries to alarm us with the news that he went through “no extensive background check.”

But that is what all that paperwork is for, the background check — which he never filled out.

After you fill out the paperwork, all of that information is fed into the national background check system, a process that once took me 45 minutes.

An accurate headline would read “After Five Minutes of Window Shopping a Clerk Offered to Sell Me an AR-15” — but that is not a story, that is a diary entry.

It is not the first time that Cuomo has had a melt down, and often it has been on air!


Cuomo had a meltdown on live television. OMB director Mick Mulvaney said that CNN is spreading misinformation about the crisis in Puerto Rico.

Cuomo asked Mulvaney to respond to President Trump’s criticism of the media for how they’ve covered the administration’s work in Puerto Rico. Mulvaney argued that networks like CNN have chosen only to show the bad stuff.  They haven’t shown the good things the administration has been doing.

The implication that CNN had only been in Puerto Rico to make the president look bad set off Cuomo, and in the process of defending his network, also attacked the administration’s response again.


CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka got in a heated argument on a broadcast of New Day over the proposed travel ban.

Gorka accused Cuomo and CNN of spinning “classic fake news” while Cuomo said Gorka represents the “the purveyor of spin.”

“You are the purveyor of spin because that was your message. It wasn’t a ban, and it is untrue,” Cuomo said to Gorka.

“I’m not going to fall into the trap of us being spin-meisters. CNN has been one of the greatest purveyors of fake news,” Gorka shot back.

Later on Monday’s edition of CNN New Day, with Gorka long gone, Cuomo took a shot at the White House insider in an interview with Fareed Zakaria. Cuomo called Gorka “condescending.”

“Look at Sebastian Gorka,” Cuomo said to Zakaria. “This ostensibly erudite man, presents himself very well, condescending because he knows so much and we know so little. But what he has to define the policy and end it, what does he say? Well, Obama did it. Well, we picked the same ones as Obama.”

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