CNN Lies: Claims Senator Ted Cruz is Afraid To Talk About School Shooting

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CNN is up to their old lying ways again and this time they are caught (commie) red-handed. They brazenly claimed that Senator Ted Cruz of Texas would not give them an interview and that he was afraid to talk about gun control after the Parkland, Florida school shooting massacre.

But they were caught in their lies and were called on it once again. This is the fake news and this is the Fake News Network. If anything – CNN should be shunned by all social media and all of silicon valley.

The truth is that Cruz had already done a 15-minute interview with CNN. They threw a fit because Cruz went on Fox & Friends before he went on CNN. Trolls.

Cruz presented his very specific views and ideas for preventing future massacres to CNN. But that didn’t stop Chris Cuomo from publicly taunting Cruz as a coward for not talking to CNN… even after he did. That’s called ‘lying’.

“If Cruz thinks gun control improvement is not the answer, what is?” leftist anti-Trump Cuomo tweeted hours after Cruz recorded the interview. “Ask the question, Senator: what are we going to do to stop school shootings? Don’t just say what won’t work, work to find an answer!” Cuomo’s answer of course would be to strip all of us of our guaranteed Second Amendment rights so we couldn’t protect ourselves and our loved ones from murderous psychopaths. Linked to Cuomo’s lying and misleading tweet was a Hill article reporting on Cuomo’s bullying of Cruz earlier that same day: “Chris Cuomo names GOP lawmakers on-air who wouldn’t come on CNN after shooting,” the Hill’s headline reads before quoting Cuomo directly, stating, “What are they afraid of?”

Cruz was not going to tolerate the lying. On Friday, using his own Twitter account, the Texas senator linked Cuomo’s fake news-taunt and wrote, “That’s funny, I spoke to CNN for 15 mins yesterday about proactive solutions to prevent gun violence … yet CNN has aired NONE of it. Why not air the (entire) interview?” A very good question. But of course, being propagandists and liars, CNN wouldn’t bother to air the truth. The senator included a picture taken of him during the interview, along with this comment: “Here’s a pic of the @CNN interview — a 15-min exclusive given yesterday — that y’all still haven’t aired… (While falsely claiming I’m “afraid” to talk to CNN.)”

Cuomo then tried to shift and walk it back… and failed. “Cruz and others were invited to come on [my show, New Day] and be tested about how to stop these shootings. They declined,” Cuomo explained. “If Cruz or others did an intv with Cnn thereafter fine, but they didn’t when we asked. Period. Offer stands. Anytime. Anywhere.” Careful what you wish for Chris… Tednado will wipe the floor with you. It appears that Cuomo was trashing his own network to get headlines. Evidently, he feels they should have “tested” Cruz in methods reminiscent of the Inquisition… Cuomo-style. Gee, I wonder if Cuomo would have gone there if a CNN male reporter had interviewed Cruz instead of a female reporter. Just asking.


Then Brian Stelter jumped in with even more misleading, lying propaganda from the fake news network. And it is even worse than just one pervasive lie from these asshats. According to Cruz staffer Catherine Frazier, what CNN, Cuomo and Stelter are covering up is the fact that Cruz was not even asked to appear on New Day until 8:11 am, 49 minutes before the last-place show ended. So, they asked Cruz to come on at the last possible second. If he had accepted, they would have hit him with extremist rhetoric and outright lies. Then they would not have given him a chance to answer accordingly. See how this works? The segment would be used to gin up hatred against Republicans and the NRA. They attempted a deliberate set-up here and again… failed.

Not only is CNN infamous for fake news, they have a deep bag of dirty tricks they employ. This is one of them. Neither Cuomo or Stelter are very bright. These partisan hacks have to make up for their lack of intelligence by trapping their unwitting prey before going in for the kill. Jackals come to mind here. Cuomo refers to Republicans as the “thoughts and prayers crowd.” Another Cuomo quote is, “What kind of prayer is one that promises to do nothing?” He calls himself a Catholic… I call him a hypocrite and a sandbagger. These guys shouldn’t bully a man who punches back twice as hard, is a world class debater and brilliant, and who does not suffer fools well. They’ll lose every damn time.

H/T: The Daily Caller, Breitbart, Chicks on the Right

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