CNN Ambushes American Patriot

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A 76-year-old woman was ambushed on her front lawn by a CNN reporter this week who demanded an explanation for her alleged promotion of Russian interests during the election.

Florine Gruen Goldfarb has been the subject of threats after CNN posted her full name and street number to their 40 million social media followers.

I’ve had to unclench my hands while watching the below video. It starts mid-conversation with a weenie from CNN trying to out-smart this woman into admitting that she was a part of a massive cover-up that allowed Russians to influence the America election. Goldfarb ran a pro-Trump Facebook page that once promoted a pro-Trump event that was allegedly linked to Russians.

The Ambush

“The Russians? I don’t care if they were involved or not,” said Goldfarb with crossed arms, refusing to be intimidated.

Griffin takes on an extremely rude tone, trying again to ask leading questions about a group called Being Patriotic. The group was allegedly set up by Russians, and Griffin’s pro-Trump page had reportedly shared one of their events or helped to promote their work.

Goldfarb knows how CNN works, so she says:

“They weren’t involved with [my Facebook page]. Just make sure that you report it correctly.”

It’s infuriating, one of the rudest ambushes I have ever watched. There’s no way he wasn’t baiting her into screaming or threatening violence.


You can watch the full two minute video below.

Backlash Against Drew Griffin

Griffin’s Wikipedia page has recently been updated by someone who was furious to see how he conducted himself in this interview. The highlighted part is new, and will likely be taken down very quickly:

The updated Wikipedia article also accused Griffin of “doxing” the woman in the video. Doxing is an online strategy that involves giving out documents (dox) on a person with the intent that others will pick up on the dox and then go and continue to harass the person.

Even ultra-left-wing Salon has written an article asking why he was “harassing” and “badgering” this woman in front of her home, and how this could be considered “professional news gathering.”

Russians Tried And Failed To Influence The Election

Hillary Clinton’s campaign raised $1,191,000,000 while Trump’s campaign raised almost half of that, $646,800,000.

One of Hillary’s top donors was the nasty George Soros who gave $11.8 million personally, and who also funded organizations that supported Hillary like Black Lives Matter and other groups that paid protesters to attempt to disrupt the Trump train. Trump was held up by people like Sheldon Adelson, who now wants to help pay for the new Embassy in Jerusalem.

The Democrats were outspending the Republicans on every level, pushing out ads, hiring Katy Perry to entertain, paying for websites and technology and hiring British spies to collect bad information.

Trump’s campaign relied on the work of normal citizens, willing to put in the work for free.

But, as the swamp continues to drain, we find more and more evidence that Democrats were the ones working with Russia.

Like tens of thousands of other people who worked quietly during the election, Hillary Clinton has called things I’ve produced the work of “Russian trolls.” No, Hillary, you’re just an old witch trying her hardest to delegitimize the election of Donald J. Trump. You lost.

Seven more years!

Ad Spending By Russians During Election: $47,000

During a Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing, Colin Stretch took questions about the impact of foreign advertisers on the election outcome on his employer, Facebook.

Turns out that while the Trump and Clinton campaigns spent $81,000,000 combined on Facebook ads, the Russian propaganda group the Internet Research Agency (IRA) spent only $47,000.

Less than $50,000 worth of advertising on Facebook is not enough to swing an election. All you have to do is take a look at the lineups for Trump rallies to know that he won by appealing to the people. People would line up for hours to get into the venues, and the only mischief was caused by left-wing protesters. Personally I try to work “TAKE THEIR COATS!” and “GET EM OUT OF HERE” into my daily speech so I never forget the year-and-a-half of pure entertainment we enjoyed.

“Oh, we have a Hillary Clinton person… are they paying that person 1500?”

CNN’s Drew Griffin VS Trump Supporting Patriot

With Fake News CNN always crying that Trump supporters are gun-toting psycho nutjobs, you’d think that flimsy Drew Griffin here would be a bit less brave about getting up in this woman’s face.

Sources: Tech Crunch, Bloomberg, Fox News

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