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California Democrats may have to learn how to run their own leaf blowers as the main stream media finally admits that there are one million illegals living in the L.A. and Orange counties.

With Trump working to get House Republicans and Democrats on board to kick as many of these free loaders and slave laborers out of the country, Los Angeles itself has become self aware of its impending future.

Swimming pools, movie stars, fenced-off mansions with a half-dozen illegal Mexicans tending the lawn.

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In a piece pumped out by the LA Times, Trump’s actions in Washington are making it difficult for illegals to build their own Mini Mexico in Los Angeles. It’s hard enough already, what with ICE occasionally pounding on the doors or with surrounding Americans being unhappy with the squalor and Spanish.

Pico-Union is described as a “predominantly Latino neighborhood”¬† heavenly described as having “the aroma of pastries” wafting down the streets. The paper reports that it contains both illegal and legal immigrants, and that the residents are filled with terror at Trump’s deportation plans. Godzilla-like, the removal of non-Americans from America would ruin the “rhythms of life” in the area.

Homes will be empty and businesses will be closed down.

Oh, no, what a tragedy. A city with wild fluctuations in their real estate market will be eased with the removal of millions of illegals who were not contributing to the tax structure that supports the area.

Research shows that of the known 11.1 million illegals in the country, 1.2 million are in New York and 1 million are crammed into the Los Angeles are. Third is Houston, with just over half a million. On top of that, around 8 million of that full total are considered to be “priorities” for deportation according to the paper’s analysis of Trump’s directives.


Of all the times I’ve visited Los Angeles, not once have I been recommended to visit the Mexican-only zones to buy some pastries from an illegal.

Hiring Mexicans: The Safe Bet For The Image Conscious

For years I struggled to understand why multi-millionaire Democrats were so protective of their personal underclass. And then the clarity struck:

Liberals are fine with Mexicans taking dangerous, underpaid, underappreciated work because they’re not black.

The Democrats want someone else to do the heavy lifting, the yard work, the cooking and cleaning but have grown so uncomfortable and sensitive over the position of black Americans that they fear judgement for hiring a fully American black citizen for one of these menial tasks. But, hire an illegal Mexican and you’re Mother Theresa. The Democrats, having never spoken to a black or poor person as if they were equals, don’t want to be seen as slave masters by hiring black Americans.

Black Americans, whose rising employment stats were not applauded by the Democrats during the State of the Union.

Please Clap

So Mexicans fill the void.

They’re Sending Their Best! Their Best Criminals!

According to Pew Research:

“Nearly nine-in-ten ICE arrests in the Los Angeles area (88%)… were of those with past criminal convictions.”

Not only is California a final destination for border-hoppers, but the county seems to be a magnet for the worst of the worst. They’re not sending their best, unless you mean their best criminals. In that sense, Mexico is definitely sending the cream of the crop. Other illegals seem to keep their heads down a bit more. Which is ironic, because Mexicans are often employed in California in brutal agricultural and construction industries that require a bent back for hours.

And since so many of these illegals can be convinced to illegally vote, and vote for the Democrats, they just seal their own fate. And since the Hollywood types are also Democrats, and therefore they’re all on the same team — only someone whose brain is punched full of cocaine holes could put this together and believe they’re the ethical ones.

If you’d like to get more Republicans on board, rebrand the whole “pulling screaming Mexicans families apart” into “necessary ground work for the election in November.”

Right at the very bottom of the piece from the LA Times, we get to the glorious punch-line of the whole affair:

You just couldn’t write this kind of comedy if you tried…¬†California!

Sources: LA Times, Pew Research

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