University of Texas Campus Concealed Carry Student Stops Slaughter: What Say You, California?

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On January 1, a new California law took effect requiring all ammunition to only be sold in person, and only through a licensed vendor.

Let’s be honest – it’s a backdoor gun ban and everybody knows it. It means law-abiding Californians can no longer buy ammunition out-of-state, online or possess an unregistered AR-15 with a bullet button accessory.

Merced County Vern Warnke says that worse – it also adds a new class of criminals: “It wasn’t long ago we were arresting people for a pocket full of methamphetamine and that made them felons. Now they’re no longer felons yet a law-abiding citizen happens to not have registered ammunition becomes a felon..”

George Bredenberg says he used to enjoy shooting as a hobby, but now there are too many confusing and stringent laws in California and he’s just gotten rid of his guns to avoid being arrested. He’s not alone.

I ask you, California – where will all the “good guys with guns” be when the bad guys come around looking for people to murder? I wonder what would have happened to the dozens of college students this good guy below – who saved the lives of – if this incident were to happen in California in 2018?

Pay special attention, because this maniac didn’t have a gun and your California gun laws would do nothing but make it easier for him to slaughter at will:

According to Townhall, a student at University of Texas at Austin stopped what could have been a very grave situation when he pulled his concealed weapon and stopped a man stabbing students with a knife.

Multiple people sustained potentially serious injuries, and one person died after the stabbing attack that seemed to target fraternity members at the Texas school.

In the wake of anti-Greek graffiti last week, fraternities and sororities have sent out emergency warnings to members to remove letters. Many sororities are on lockdown and doing emergency check-ins. One of the injured is believed to be in Lambda Chi.

Eyewitnesses reported that a student pulled out a concealed handgun on the suspect and made him back down, stopping what was heading towards a slaughter! Although Fox has reported the incident, the local media is working real hard on not covering that little fact. Imagine that!

The Tab Austin Texas reports:

Multiple people have sustained potentially serious injuries, and one has died after a stabbing attack on the University of Texas at Austin campus. At least three people have been attacked, and images of students being treated are circulating online.

UT Austin has sent out an alert to say: “Criminal Activity with Injury occurred on campus. Suspect in custody no additional immediate threat to campus. Please avoid the area of 21st and Speedway until further notice.”

EMS tweeted a report of three people injured on campus, and one dead:

UT Austin Student Body Kim President Binna reportedly also sent out through social media that a concealed carry holder had stopped the attack before it got worse.

There has been huge debate since, and before,

Texas passed Campus Carry. The detractors are obviously not going to repeat that a campus carry student stopped a bad situation from being a catastrophe.

It is not difficult to understand the concept. A student with nefarious purposes is not going to be the same student that legally conceal carrys.

Just how many campus massacres could have been stopped or minimized in the past had someone in the room been able to defend themselves and others? It really is simple. Two buildings and two signs. One says, “No Guns Allowed” and the other says, “We’re packin’”.

Which building will a thug decide to enter for nefarious purposes.

When will the left learn? The Founding Fathers understood some basic concepts that have withstood the test of time throughout history. Man has the incoherent right to protect himself and his family. Criminals do not obey laws. You cannot sanitize the world of its problems.

I will repeat. Two buildings and two signs. One says, “No Guns Allowed” and the other says, “We’re packin’”.

Which building will a thug decide to enter for nefarious purposes?

If it worked, why don’t we put: “No Robberies Allowed” signs on the front door of our banks? When a thug walks into a building and sees that they are not the only ones armed, they will walk right back out the door.

The biggest word in the 2nd Amendment is the word, “Infringed” – act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on. The fringe of the carpet is the very edges. Our right to bear arms is not supposed to be messed with in any way. It will always work better that way!

We must be as vigilant as those who founded our country. Tyranny was not eliminated by the Revolutionary War.

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