The Results are in on Trump’s Cognitive/Physical Exam!

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Well, it’s official. President Trump’s physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, declares that not only is President Trump physically in excellent shape for his age, he is mentally 100% stable. Sorry haters, you aren’t going to be able to get rid of him that easily! Looks like President Trump is going to be around for a loooong time, at least another 7 years, so you better accept it, because not to would be very unhealthy for your stress levels.

Last week, Dr. Jackson, along with twelve consultants, spent four hours examining President Trump. Along with all of the normal physical testing that would routinely be done in such an exam, Trump specifically asked Dr. Jackson specifically for a cognitive assessment. Cognitive assessments are not normally done without a reason, so why did President Trump as for one? According to Dr. Jackson, it was to put to rest all of the public outcry that he is somehow unstable or mentally impaired.

Trump himself wasn’t least bit concerned about his own cognitive health, and he knew he would pass with flying colors. And so he did.  This is the first time a president has ever had a cognitive assessment during his physical exam. It’s usually only done if there is a suspicion that there is a problem. If the patient or family observes problems, then they may ask for formal assessment. And while Trump had NO reason to be screened, he asked for it just to be able to show the world that he is completely fine.

I repeat: There is NO cognitive impairment. In fact, the President took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, a screen tool used to rule out cognitive problems and scored a perfect 30/30. Dr. Jackson said any score over 26 is normal. The President is certainly above normal. Dr. Jackson also added “He is very sharp.”

I know the MSM was certainly hoping for a dire result. All of the speculators that Dr. Jackson called “tabloid psychiatrists” have been telling anyone who would listen that Trump has all these signs of mental problems, but they have never examined him personally and there opinions stem from nothing more than their fierce opposition to him. Time for the left to bark up some other tree because there is just nothing to find here.

To the dismay of the left, the biggest takeaway from Dr. Jackson’s remarks is that President Trump is in need of a diet and starting some aerobic exercise, along with most of America. Weighing in at 239 pounds, Trump’s weight is just short of obese. The doctor will work with the White House chef and nutritionists to help implement some healthy eating. However, despite his girth, the President is in the “excellent range” for cardiac health. He does take a very low dose of cholesterol medication, but otherwise has a healthy heart profile.

As for exercise, right now President Trump has “no dedicated defined exercise program”, but the doctor would like him to start, of course. Still,  Dr.  Jackson said “he has a lot of energy and a lot of stamina.” He remarked that the President has remarkable endurance when traveling. The doctor attributed this to his genetics, saying he has “incredibly good genes” as Trump isn’t known to exercise or watch what he eats at all. Lucky guy!

Many reporters tried as hard as they could to find any signal of a problem. Any string they could grasp. But there was just nothing to be found. When asked about the President’s life expectancy, Dr. Jackson said it is “same as every other American male right now.” When asked about Trump being a germaphobe, the doctor said he is glad Trump washes his hands a lot and uses Purell. That prompted the question “any other OCD behaviors?” Oh please.

A concerned reporter asked for an update on Trump’s bone spurs, but since there were no complaints, the doctor did not examine any issues related to bone spurs.

Dr. Jackson was asked a couple of times “is there anything you are keeping from us?” He responded there is  “absolutely nothing that I am withholding.”

Dr. Jackson’s prescription for President Trump is pretty much the same as for every American, improve your diet, exercise more, and sleep more (the President functions quite well on 4-5 hours of sleep per night). In addition, anything the President can do, including golf, to manage stress is helpful. A prescription for golf, sounds good to me!

When discussing the stress of holding the office, Dr. Jackson said Trump handles stress very well and has a  “very unique ability to get up in the morning and reset” which has helped him deal with stress level of the job.

Next year, colonoscopy. Poor Trump. But as for this year, sorry libs! There is nothing to see here!

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