My Letter To President Donald J. Trump

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My letter to President Donald J. Trump

First, let’s reminisce. I remember so well these same days of 2017. I was watching the Inaugural celebration at the Lincoln Memorial on the evening prior to Donald Trump’s Inauguration. Lee Greenwood was gloriously singing his song ‘I’m Proud to be an American’, and I was home alone lustily singing along with him. To my surprise the depth of my feelings about what we conservatives had done were demonstrated by my suddenly beginning to sob as I sang. Oh my gosh! We really did do it! Our long nightmare of control by Democrats was over.

I was alone again as I watched the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States the next day, very nervous for his safety during that day. But then it was completed and we did indeed have a newly inaugurated Donald J. Trump. I was watching through my glass of Trump wine. I breathed a sigh of relief as I watched the Presidential helicopter lift off while carrying Barack Hussein Obama away from the White House.

I have written a letter to President Trump, to be sent to him in the next few days, and I will share it with you now. God Bless America!

Dear President Trump,

“The real test of a man is not when he plays the role that he wants for himself, but when he plays the role destiny has for him.” – Vaclav Havel, President of Czechoslovakia and President of the Czech Republic

Just yesterday I watched the movie ‘The Darkest Hour’. Throughout the movie, the Winston Churchill I came to know reminded me so much of you: condemned for being strong against our enemy because it might make them dislike us; strong in your actions, despite being constantly described as out of touch with the rest of the world; condemned for not being in the mold of those who have preceded you; and actually having your own way of getting things done. Most of all, you are clearly ready to stand up for freedom in the face of several bullies who have only gotten stronger because of our years of appeasement. I felt as if it was you I was watching in your most difficult hours of having to decide a course of action, and then working your plan.

President Trump, I believe the above quote from Havel describes not only Winston Churchill, but it also describes you. Destiny surely seems to have found you to be the man who will rescue America from those who would appease our enemies in hopes that it would keep us safe. Destiny has chosen you to lead us in our hour of need. I could not stop thinking about you, your steadfastness in the face of lies and a constant drumbeat of hate. You gave up so very much in order to play the role destiny has set for you! You are determined and most brave, and you love your country. You are amazing and we thank you!

Who am I, you might ask? I am a 74-year-old grandmother whose husband served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. I was for the first time inspired to political action by the audacity of Barack Hussein Obama, when he first ran for President. For over eight years now I have sent out a daily news feed along with personal comments to a list of email subscribers. It is called Conservative Corner. [To readers of this column, all you need do is send a request to [email protected] and you will begin to receive it.] I produced my own book, ‘I’m Proud to be an American’ – what I want my grandchildren to know. In 26 pages it covers many subjects dear to the hearts of conservative Americans. I would be proud to send you a copy of the book.

With deep regards and appreciation,

Karen Peters

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