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FNC Meteorologist Responds to Body Shamer with Class


Wow, people can be so awful, especially when they are sitting faceless behind a computer screen. Things they would never dare say in person, because they know darn well they are horrible things to say, they say with vigor on social media. It’s disgusting.

I’d like to think that when these people get owned by the backlash, they feel like crap. I don’t know though. But in this instance, I’m pretty sure when the hater read the responses to his/her disgusting post, they wanted to crawl in a hole and hide.

Fox News Channel’s meteorologist Janice Dean was given some “advice” from a viewer, and she responds with much more class than I think I would have!

H/T Daily Wire

On Monday, Janice Dean, the senior meteorologist for FOX News Channel (FNC) and the morning meteorologist for FNC’s FOX &Friends, who has suffered from multiple sclerosis for ten years, got a rude couple of comments on her Facebook page from a viewer who slammed her for wearing skirts, saying that the skirts made her legs and knees look huge.

The viewer wrote:

Dear Janice, please stop allowing Fox to dress you in those short skirts. They are not flattering on you. Your (sic) an attractive lady, love the 80’s hair, but your legs are distracting every time you walk on screen.

Another commenter asked pointedly, “And how do you look when you are on television??”

The first commenter replied:

They are dressing her in mini skirts that make her legs and knees look huge. She is older, and different body type than most of the woman on the show. I’m not a public figure that has a public website for viewers to leave their thoughts and opinions. That is Janice’s job, and her business website. I didn’t seek her out at home and give an unsolicited opinion. If you think it is flattering to her then give her your opinion.

Dean then fired back, saying she was grateful just to be able to use her legs.

Hi JoAnn,

Fox doesn’t dress me. I dress myself. I’m sorry if you don’t like my legs. I’m grateful I have them to walk with. You’re right. I don’t look like the typical person on TV, and I’m proud to be a size 10. Imagine that! You can always turn the channel if you’re offended by my huge legs. Hope you don’t mind. I may share your post with everyone on my FB page. All the best, Janice.

After other commenters came to Dean’s defense, she added:

Well, now I’m in tears. Who knew a post sharing something disparaging about my legs would make me feel so good. Thank you all for being so kind. I truly am proud of my big strong legs. One day they may give out on me, but for now they help me walk, stand, jump, kick with the Rockettes and make snow angels. I am blessed. Thank you all for reminding me of that. xo

Dean wrote later:

I have had multiple sclerosis (MS) for more than 10 years. My first MS nurse, Jen, who has since become a good friend, made me cry because she wrote this on my page: “Dear Janice, I LOVE those strong legs. I LOVE that you stand tall, walk, run, squat, lunge, skip, jump and hop on those legs. You are blessed and a blessing to have STRONG legs!!! Wear skirts proudly and show your STRONG legs!!! Love you my angel.”

Dean concluded:

My big legs have always been a sore spot for me – but now more than ever I am proud of them. Because with MS, I could lose my ability to walk literally any day. So I’ve learned to be proud of my legs, and am grateful for them every day of my life.

One fan wasn’t reticent about what he thought of Dean’s legs:

You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Your beauty comes from your courage to face adversity with grace. I’m from another generation, and now this would be politically incorrect to say; but, honey, you’ve got some sensational wheels! 

Did this viewer actually think they were “helping” with their advice to Janice Dean? I think they might have. Which says a lot about that person! You see, when you might not have legs that work for much longer, you really don’t care what they look like. It’s called priorities. This viewer clearly needs helps with theirs.

It goes without saying that Dean is an attractive woman who has a great bod! But even if she wasn’t, I didn’t realize sexy legs were a requirement to tell me if I need an umbrella tomorrow or not!


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