Woman Who Had Her Throat Slit By Ex Faces JAIL if She Doesn’t Write Him Letters While He’s in Prison

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This took place in the Britain, but given the stupidity of many of our courts – and “criminal justice reform” – it could be happening here at any time.

A woman in England called off her planned wedding to the father of their twin boys because he was drunk and abusive.  After she’d broken off with him he found out that she was dating another man and he flipped out.  He came home drunk, spent seven hours beating her senseless, and finally slit her throat.  The twin boys were forced to watch.

Miraculously the knife missed major vessels and arteries and she was able to call the police.  They found her tied up on the bed, the twin boys were in bed with her and they were all covered in blood.

You’re probably thinking, what a horrible crime.  Yes, but as his lawyer noted at trial, he had a good reason.

His lawyer said: “His intention was to cause a hideous scar she could not hide if she had dressed up to look pretty. He was trying to make her look ugly to other men.”

That makes sense, right?

It must have made sense to the justice who tried the case, because he got off with seven years in a resort jail.  While he’s barred from ever actually seeing either his ex-girlfriend or the twins in person, the court has allowed him to write letters to them.

In one letter he brags about his soft time in prison and boasts: “I got a X Box and now I just can’t put it down L.O.L. I just forget to eat or drink when I’m playing it. L.O.L. Then I look at the time and it about 5 in the morning.”

He also brags about his life as a prison bee-keeper, winning prizes for his artwork and eating fresh organic fruit and veg from the prison allotment.



While he may never get to see anybody again, Britain’s laws still recognize him as a “parent.”  His ex has married and the new family is doing well.

But the animal still gets to get letters from her about the boys.  And if she doesn’t send them?

… last January she was shocked to receive a letter from Hughes’s lawyer saying he was applying for a Residence and Contact Order under Section 8 of the Children Act of 1989.

Natalie, who needed cosmetic surgery on her throat after the savage attack, said: “I got a letter asking for six letters a year and phone calls on their birthdays and at Christmas.”

“I never thought for a second that he would be granted any contact after what he did. I tried not to think about it.”

“It seemed so unlikely anyone would take his side over mine.”

“But he put the ­application in and then just before Easter last year I got asked to go to court.”

While Hughes’ expensive lawyers were funded by legal aid Natalie had no representation. She shelled out £3,000 of her savings on solicitors fees to fight the request but shockingly the order was granted.

She had to pay for her own lawyers and his were provided by the state.  She lost and her abuser, who left her bleeding to death on a bed with their two boys covered in her blood, won the right to get letters from her.

The negotiated terms stated that she would have to send letters three times a year – at Easter, September and December.

The order requires that the letters include “an update regarding the ­children’s general progress, both at nursery/school and socially, to include details of their health and emotional ­development”.

The letters must also include an “update photograph of each child no smaller than 6 inches by 4 inches”.

Hughes, 42, is also allowed to send birthday cards, Christmas cards and a letter at the start of each school year.

But, as they say, there’s more!

They said, ‘If you do not comply with this contact order you may be held in contempt of court and be committed to prison or fined’.

If she doesn’t write to the butcher she gets tossed in jail.

On a side note, he’ll likely get out on parole after only four of a seven year sentence.  England has some of the stiffest laws in the world against self-defense.  This young woman and her new husband can’t own a gun.  If her ex shows up and kicks down their door, waving a knife and one of them hits him with a baseball bat to keep him from killing them, they will be arrested for assault.

Winston Churchill is spinning in his grave.

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