White Woman Gets Robbed, Groceries Thrown at Her, Accused of Supporting Trump

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A liberal white woman was called a “white b*tch” and accused of being a “Trump supporter” by two Hispanic teens who proceeded to rob her and throw groceries at her last Wednesday at a Bronx deli.

The victim is most definitely not a Trump fan according to her roommate, who referred to the President as Drumpf.

The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the incident. 

White Woman Gets Robbed, Groceries Thrown at Her, Accused of Supporting Trump

The suspects, who got away and are still being sought, are Hispanic. One is described as about 5-foot-8 and 160 pounds, with short hair. The other is described as 5-foot-9 and 160 pounds.

“They’re 16 or 17 years old,” Ali said, “and when I see them again I’m going to call the cops.”

Zid Ali, the deli manager, said when one of the suspects grabbed the woman’s bag, which she had placed on the counter, “she said she was going to call the cops, so the other one took her phone.”

“You stupid white c—,” they yelled at the victim inside the Musa Gourmet Deli.

She wants everyone to know she totally hates ‘Drumpf’ and loves living in a city where she’s robbed and assaulted due to her “whiteness.” “She is no fan of the President,” said the roommate, who asked her name not be printed. “How can you live in the Bronx, with all kinds of people, and support Trump?”

A new FBI report indicates that hate crimes committed against white Americans are the fastest growing racial hate crimes in the United States.


The FBI report on 2016 Hate Crime Statistics shows that in 2016, there were 876 reported anti-white hate crime offenses in the United States. In 2015, this number was 734, indicating a 19.34 percent increase.

There were more racial hate crime offenses altogether in 2016 compared to 2015.

Following Donald Trump’s win, there has also been a plague of hate crime hoaxes that have been plaguing the country.

From California to New York, stories are cropping up of hate crimes perpetrated by Trump supporters. They later prove to be fabricated by the so-called “victim” of the crime.

Here are a few “hate crimes” identified as hoaxes so far.

Bisexual student receives homophobic notes:

Taylor Volk said she found a note taped to her door that read “Back to hell” and “#Trump” and included homophobic slurs following the election, as well as several anonymous emails with similar messages. She reported the messages on her Facebook, and spoke to the press about the incidents. “I just want them to stop,” she told NBC News last week. The university’s president announced Tuesday the notes were a hoax, and that Volk is no longer enrolled at the university.

Muslim woman robbed of her hijab and wallet:

A Muslim woman, 18, faces criminal charges in Louisiana over a fake story she told police. The unnamed woman claimed she was attacked and robbed by two white men near the University of Louisiana Lafayette campus. The men yelled racial slurs and stole both her wallet and her hijab in the alleged attack. She also told police one of them was wearing a Trump hat.

Once again, fake news.

Gay man assaulted in an alleyway:

Chris Ball, a gay Canadian filmmaker alleged he was assaulted by Trump supporters on election night in Santa Monica, Calif. The Trump supporters hurled gay slurs at him while he was watching the results come in at a bar, he claims, then followed him out of the bar at the end of the night and assaulted him in an alleyway. Ball posted a photo of himself covered in blood in an Emergency Room as evidence, saying the attackers smashed a beer bottle on his head.

The Santa Monica Police Department put out a statement saying they received no information indicating the alleged crime occurred, and that a check of local hospitals revealed no victim of any such incident was admitted or treated in the hospital.

Black woman harassed at a gas station in Philly:

In another viral Facebook post, a black woman claims she was harassed by a group of white male Trump supporters at a gas station in Rehoboth Beach, Del. “Just experienced one of the WORST THINGS in my entire life,” Ashley Boyer wrote in the post, saying four white men pulled up beside her while she was pumping gas and jumped out of the car.

The white men “proceeded to talk about the election and how they’re glad they won’t have to deal with n—–s much longer,” she wrote, adding that one approached her and said: “How scared are u, u black bitch??? I should kill you right now. You’re a waste of air.” Another pulled out a weapon and said: “You’re lucky there’s witnesses or else I’d shoot you right here.”

The world has gone mad.


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