Top DOJ official is married to a Former employee of Fusion GPS [Video]

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Want to know the real story behind the Trump dossier and the Russia-Trump collusion?…It’s ALL FAKE NEWS!

This nothing more than then has been candidate, Hillary Clinton ‘doing whatever it takes to win’ and using Obama and his administration in the process to get a warrant and spy on Trump’s campaign. This is CRAZY, but the story is finally getting real!

A top DOJ official was stripped of his title after it was discovered he had met with the men behind the infamous Trump dossier, Fox News reported on Monday.


Not only did Bruce Ohr meet with Glen Simpson and Christopher Steele during the presidential campaign, Bruce’s wife Nellie Ohr worked for Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that commissioned the unproven dossier.

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence confirmed to Fox that Mrs. Ohr worked for Fusion during the election and was paid by the firm through the summer of 2016.

“The House Intelligence Committee,” Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told Fox News in a statement on Monday, “is looking into all facets of the connections between the Department of Justice and Fusion GPS, including Mr. Ohr.”

Mr. Ohr was stripped of his senior position at the DOJ where he held rank as associate deputy attorney general until last Monday. Ohr was demoted one day before Fox broke the news that he had secretly met on more than one occasion with Fusion founder Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the debunked dossier.

It wasn’t until a week later that Fox learned that Mrs. Ohr worked for Fusion GPS.


The DOJ gave no explanation of Ohr’s demotion to Fox News, but he still retains another, less senior position as director of the Organized Crime Drug Task Force. The DOJ told Fox Ohr’s bosses were not previously aware of his meetings with Steel and Simpson.

Ohr’s previous position ranked him just under Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is overseeing the ongoing Russia investigation that President Trump has called a witch hunt.

The “Trump dossier” has become a lightning rod of debate when it was discovered the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC financed the report to smear then-candidate Trump.

Republicans are investigating whether the Obama administration used the discredited dossier as “evidence” to spy on the Trump campaign.

Bruce Ohr, who holds a top agency post, has given up his associate deputy attorney general position, while maintaining his other role directing organized crime and drug enforcement task forces.

Steele wrote the ‘dirty dossier’ of compromising information on Trump, which included unverified salacious claims about his conduct in a Moscow hotel room as well as complex financial leverage that Russians were purported to hold over him.

The network reported that evidence collected by the committee showed Ohr and Steele met in 2016.

Soon after the election, Ohr also met with Glenn Simpson, the former Wall Street Journal reporter who founded political intelligence firm Fusion GPS, which initially brought on Steele to do opposition research, first for a Republican client and then for Democrats.

‘This person is going to go back to a single focus—director of our organized crime and drug enforcement unit. As you know, combating transnational criminal organizations and drug trafficking is a top priority for the attorney general,’ said the official.

The Republican-led House Intelligence Committee has been probing the origins of the dossier and how the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign ended up funding the research.

Congressional sources said it was Steele who put Ohr in contact with Simspon. Steele’s contact with Ohr date to 2006, according to the report.

Simpson testified before the House panel in November. Steele has been interviewed by Robert Mueller’s investigators.

The report of his reassignment comes amid signs of increasing pushback at special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team.

A top FBI lawyer, Peter Strzok, was dismissed from Mueller’s Russia probe and reassigned in August after he was revealed to have sent anti-Trump text messages to another FBI lawyer while having an affair, it was reported Saturday.

Strzok worked on the FBI’s Hillary Clinton probe, which did not result in charges being brought, and reportedly changed key language in Comey’s statement about the decision in the summer of 2016.

Remember the words ‘grossly negligence’? Not it was Strzok who changed those words for Comey’s statement of Hillary Clinton to ‘extremely careless’.

Wake up people! This is nothing but a scam put together by Democrats and Hillary Clinton, and probably the Establishment to get Hillary elected then, and now, get Trump out of office.

The WHOLE Russian-Trump story was a scam! The WHOLE time! It was a story put together by Hillary’s supporters and those in power to destroy Trump. ‘Whatever it take’….right Hillary?

Oh HILLARY….you got some splainin’ to do!


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