Stores now Selling Hillary ‘Resistmas’ Tree Toppers – Wth?

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Well, I know what I’m NOT getting for the top of my Christmas tree this year. Moonbat retailers are now selling Hillary Clinton ‘Resistmas’ tree toppers. They actually gave Hillary Clinton angel wings.

Now, all the communist members of the “Resistance” can adorn their secular Christmas trees with this Hillary Clinton tree topper. What a way to rejoice and celebrate the holiday season. The ornament is a 3D model of Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, dressed in a white pantsuit wearing angel wings.

And it’s not cheap either. You will pay a pretty penny for a not-so-pretty tree topper. It ranges from $107 for the average-sized tree to more than $900 for over-sized trees that are more than ten feet tall. It would not surprise me if most of the proceeds go to the Clinton Foundation. Etsy is selling the item online, as is the United Kingdom-based non-profit retailer ironically named Women to Look Up To, which also sells Christmas tree toppers featuring Beyonce and Serena Williams.

The same Never-Trump movement on the left that started the “Resistance” are behind the #Resistmas movement on Twitter. They spread links far and wide marketing the tree topper, an activist advent calendar and other apparel to show their opposition to all things Trump. ‘Tis the season. “Now on sale, it’s the Hillary Clinton Tree Topper, which features a very life-like plaster figurine of Mrs. Clinton with feathery angel wings and pristine white pantsuit, meant to go on the top of the Christmas tree. Actually, the Hillary Topper is ideal for the “Resistmas” tree.”

If you are so inclined, you can even buy a “Resistmas” sweater. It’s probably guaranteed to be ugly. There’s something very ironic about anti-capitalists going all capitalist during Christmas. Only craven Marxists would worship someone as corrupt and vile as Hillary Clinton. They’ve actually elevated her to deity status. If that isn’t absolute blasphemy, I don’t know what is.

“There’s no word yet, however, on whether it smells of sorrow and corruption instead of the traditional fir tree scent,” writes Emily Zanotti, a writer for The Daily Wire. Nuance and apropos. Hillary Clinton is no more a female role model than well, any Democrat. Women to Look Up To ran a contest to pick the three women for tree toppers. This is an election Hillary Clinton actually won; the initial offering comprised figures of Serena Williams and Beyoncé, with a third to be decided by popular vote. Clinton came out on top and now she can top your Christmas tree instead of an angel. And she will look beatifically down on you and bless every sin.

There must be a lot of massively disturbed women out there for Hillary Clinton to win a contest as a tree topper. That seriously boggles my mind. There goes the fresh Christmas tree smell. Now, you just smell corruption. “She is most presidential of tree toppers, 3D sculpted in her iconic power suit with angelic wings, 3D printed to order with pinpoint accuracy, with a simple wire tie threaded through holes on her back to safely secure to your tree,” notes the description from Women to Look Up To. All in the name of female equality… or something.

“She’s the First Lady of Christmas tree decorations. Christmas tree topper, angel, or fierce fairy — now she’s a woman to look up to,” the organization promises. Wow, do they provide a shovel too? That’s deep, as in knee deep. These same feminists are probably selling copies of Hillary’s book and pink p*ssy hats. Now, that’s a whacked Christmas.

Some are suggesting it would make a great shooting range target. Others suggest selling it with a bottle of booze. You could market it with a rape kit for women who aren’t Hillary. One commenter astutely said, “I wonder if it comes with batteries? I could listen to it bark like a dog. Yap! Yap! Yap! Yap!” That’s funny. Another pointed out that the whole point of Christmas is to ‘decorate’ the tree, not ‘desecrate’ it. Many comments I can’t even repeat here. I think most of us can agree… a Hillary Clinton free Christmas is the way to go. And ditch the wings… that’s just obscene.

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