Sick of Package Thieves, Man Employs Special Ammo in BlankBox [Video]

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Talk about clever!

As we all know the majority of millennials are ordering their Christmas gifts online. That means plenty of business for Fed-Ex and UPS, as packages get delivered in time for customers to wrap them and either put them under the tree or ship them out to friends and relatives in time for Christmas. It’s a very, merry Christmas this year!

However, we also know about this time of year, with all the packages being delivered, in some ‘not so safe neighborhoods’ there are those losers who actually target houses with deliveries from UPS or Fed Ex. Yep! These sick people, think it’s ok to just steal other people’s gifts; gifts that are intended to bring joy to others at Christmas. They don’t seem to care. They just probably resell the item or pawn it for cash. Who knows?

Here’s one guy who came up with a clever method to prevent those losers from stealing his packages. For all of you, who may have a problem with punks stealing packages, especially around Christmas, this one’s for you.

From Conservative Tribune,

With 11 million package thefts happening every year, the situation seems hopeless for those who cannot afford to monitor their property at all hours of the day. Deliveries continue to go missing because of this.

Jaireme Barrow of Tacoma, Washington, was sick and tired of that exact thing happening, Tribunist reports. Using some 12-gauge shotgun shells and a little ingenuity, Barrow designed a non-lethal deterrent to keep his deliveries safe. Since a shotgun is roughly twice as loud as a chainsaw, the sudden noise virtually ensures the shock of a lifetime.

Barrow removed the projectile from the shell, creating something that sounds exactly as loud as a shotgun firing, with none of the damage.


Chambers 1908 Cartridge

So with some fishing line, a shell, a dummy box, and a warning sign promising that the “Package is armed,” the trap was set.

With almost 900,000 views, the message is spreading way beyond his hometown.

After realizing he had a potentially marketable product that would help people, Barrow decided to put together The Blank Box. This gives anyone in the country the opportunity to rig their own dummy packages, scaring off would-be thieves.

Maybe thieves who pick up one of these will think twice before targeting a home again.

Want to make your own device? The video below shows an in-depth construction of Barrow’s device.

Personally, I think this is a rather clever device. Kudos to Barrow for thinking up the BlankBox. I mean, how cool is THIS!?

Many people work hard all day and aren’t home when packages get delivered. Even those who don’t work, are not going to sit around waiting for some package to arrive, unless you have absolutely NOTHING to do and that is your entertainment. Let’s face it – we just don’t have time to wait for our packages to arrive from UPS or FedEx.

This is a great way to scare off those losers who think they have a right to steal your hard earned and paid for package or gift.

Let’s face it, if you have ever ordered something online. Then, paid for the package to be delivered, only to have arrived home and NOT found it at your front door, well, it’s pretty frustrating and nerve racking. I mean, to think some punk stole your package that you paid for. UNREAL!

TheBlankBox is a clever little device. No harm! No foul!

The next time some punk wants to take your special package, set this nice little BlankBox outside your door and sit back and enjoy!

Think about it! If you put this device out the day you’re scheduled to get a delivery and someone decides to help themselves to your package, you better believe they will drop everything and run. They may even get the shit scared out of them. (Doubtful…but it can’t hurt to try, right.)

In the end, it’s about keeping people honest, keeping your packages and enjoying Christmas Day, as you watch people open the wonderful gifts you bought them.

Who doesn’t love the BlankBox?

Of course, on the other hand, once the news gets out that a lot of people have this device, it may not deter people. However, the good news is, they won’t expect it!

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