Republican Jeff Flake Donates to Roy Moore’s Democratic Rival; Tweets ‘Country Over Party’

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Am I the only one who can’t wait for December 12th to be here and done with? The Alabama senate race is coming down to the wire. Real Clear Politics has Roy Moore leading on average by 2.3 points, but the polls vary from Doug Jones winning by 4 to Roy Moore winning by 7.

Once you take into account the margin of error, it really could go either way. Add to that the question of polling accuracy (we all remember they can be wrong!), and who knows what will happen? The suspense is certainly building.

We all have heard by now the allegations swirling around Roy Moore’s younger years. Moore has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct. The problem is, the accusers have no proof and their timing is quite suspect. Moore has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and he and his supporters are adamant that this is all fabricated. In fact, a CBS News poll shows that 71% of Alabama Republicans believe the allegations against Moore are completely false, and overwhelmingly believe this is the work of the Democrats and the media.

Who would have thought a Democrat would have a snowball’s chance in hell to win in Alabama? Then again, with a divided GOP the likes of which we have never seen, it’s not too hard to imagine. Prominent Republicans have spoken out against Roy Moore including Mitt Romney who recently tweeted “Roy Moore in the US Senate would be a stain on the GOP and on the nation. Leigh Corfman and other victims are courageous heroes. No vote, no majority is worth losing our honor, our integrity.”

The Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell has said he believes the accusers.  The RNC initially defunded Moore’s campaign, but thanks to Trump’s late coming endorsement of Moore, apparently the money is flowing once again.

Now, in a defiant move, against the president he clearly can’t stand, Senator Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona, has not only announced his support of Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, but he posted a picture of his financial contribution to Jones on Twitter. I wonder if he would have had the guts to pull this stunt had he not already announced his decision not to seek re-election.

H/T The Daily Beast

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake on Tuesday posted an image of a $100 check he made out to Roy Moore’s Democratic rival in Alabama’s U.S. Senate election.

“Country over party,” the retiring Arizona senator wrote as a caption to the image showing his donation to Doug Jones’ campaign.

Flake has been outspoken in his displeasure with the Trump administration; and that disapproval has similarly extended to Moore’s Senate campaign—especially in light of the sexual-misconduct allegations against the ex-judge.

“It’s going to be difficult enough for Republicans without being the party of Roy Moore,” Flake told reporters after Trump publicly endorsed the embattled candidate.

Last month, the Republican senator said, “I would literally—if I were in Alabama—I would run to the polling place to vote for the Democrat.”

So Flake would “run to the polling place to vote for the Democrat.” The Democrat, who is rightly characterized by Kayla Moore, Roy Moore’s wife, as very far to the left.

Mrs. Moore said,

“Our opponent — who is an ultra-liberal, who was an Obama delegate, who is for full-term abortions, who is for more gun restrictions, who is for transgender bathrooms, who is for transgender [people] in the military — is against everything we in Alabama believe and stand for.”

What does it say about Flake that he would “run” to vote for a person with those values? What happened to Flake standing up for the GOP platform?

Roy Moore has been accused, but nothing at all has been proven. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Where were all of these women for the past 40 years?

Moore is hardly new to the public, however the high stakes of the balance of power in the Senate sure does invite dirty tricks. Admittedly, there are plenty of conservatives who aren’t sure what to believe. So we have to go on what we KNOW. Just the facts.

Given the choice between Moore and Jones, with the information available as fact, clearly Moore is the right choice. Jones isn’t just an accused supporter of baby killing, he admits it. Jones isn’t just an accused supporter of letting men into bathrooms with little girls, he celebrates it. Jones isn’t just accused of wanting to infringe on the Second Amendment, he demands it.

This Senate seat is too important to give away to the Democrats solely based on unproven accusations. Stick to the facts and vote accordingly. Roy Moore has done a lot for the conservative movement with a proven record that will help further Trump’s agenda. Jones will work his hardest to stop it. The choice is clear.

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