Jim Carrey Comes Unglued, Demands Republicans Be “Removed” so Democracy Can Live

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From ‘Dumb and Dumber’ to just plain stupid! That’s Jim Carrey described in a nutshell. And I do mean nutshell.

By anyone’s standards, Jim Carrey is bizarre and disturbed. Carrey makes most other Democrats like Nancy Pelosi look sane. That’s pretty sad.

On Wednesday, Carrey tweeted out a drawing of a lawmaker who appears to represent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, with the following proclamation:

“The GOP and WH have become sinister conclaves of souless traitors, liars and thieves – a gangrene we must remove so democracy can live,” adding the hashtag “#killthebill”

Here Carrey’s tweet from Twitter:

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The GOP and WH have become sinister conclaves of souless traitors, liars and thieves – a gangrene we must remove so democracy can live. 

Carey wasn’t specific as to which bill he was referring to, but considering that the tweet was posted Thursday and the GOP tax plan was passed in the early hours of Saturday morning, according to CNN, we’re able to make an educated guess.

It’s not the first time Carrey has attacked Trump in recent memory — it’s not even the first time he’s used bizarre artwork to get his point across.

In August, Carrey announced that Trump was going to a rally in West Virginia to “eat a baby.”

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Tonight in West Virginia @realDonaldTrump is expected to EAT A BABY on stage to the delight of his zombie base. 

Earlier this month Carrey called President Trump a “stooge” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“They bailed him out, set him up and made him their stooge. With Trump in the WH, Putin may win the 3rd World War without firing a shot. ,” read Carrey’s tweet, which included artwork depicting President Trump kissing Putin’s naked butt.

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They bailed him out, set him up and made him their stooge. With Trump in the WH, Putin may win the 3rd World War without firing a shot. 

Fortunately for Americans, it isn’t up to declining movie stars — or the “artwork” they share — to shape the country’s political future.

Carrey’s world — the Madonnas, the Bruce Springsteens and all the liberal media elite, did their best to swing the country onto an irrevocable path downward by getting Hillary Clinton elected in 2016.

Thanks to Trump and the millions of Americans who voted for him, they failed.

But that doesn’t mean they’re going to stop trying.

Jim Carrey is nothing but a washed up actor now. Trying to stay in the spotlight. Like a little kid who throws a tantrum for attention. Jim is doing what he does best…trying to act…almost.

What a waste. Speaking of waste.

I hope you didn’t waste your time or money on his new documentary: Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, it chronicles the time Jim Carrey almost lost it going totally method for his role as Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon.

From Dan Zack,

Seaside, Fla., was the filming location for the fake town in “The Truman Show,” a 1998 movie in which Carrey played a man who slowly discovers that he’s the unwitting star of a television program. Carrey then made his Kaufman biopic, “Man on the Moon,” which dramatized the late comedian’s quest to challenge audiences with a bewildered interrogation of reality itself. These two films are the tent poles of the documentary, which materialized on Netflix two weeks ago. They are also the keys to the artistry and celebrity of Jim Carrey, who lately seems to be auditioning for the role of a 21st-century philosopher we didn’t know we needed — one who applies the lessons of fame to a society drowning in fiction, distraction, advertisement and self-imaging.

“Jim Carrey was a great character, and I was lucky to get the part,” he told Jimmy Kimmel in May, after basking impassively in riotous applause from his talk-show audience. “But I don’t think of that as me anymore.”

“It’s all about identity,” he told the Associated Press at the Venice Film Festival in September, in a soft, yoga-teacher voice. “Because that’s all there is.”

We all know Carrey lost himself in that role. He drove everyone on stage and around him insane. Carrey got so wrapped up in the role, he even forgot who the real Jim Carrey was.

Then there was the wasted document about Jim Carrey’s experiences going method for How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It wasn’t enough for Carrey to bring the Dr. Seuss character to life, he had to become the furry green Christmas-hater. 

Later, after 17 years, Carrey returned to Whoville for a bonkers interview about his experience making the movie. It’s a performance psychiatrists will be talking about for years.

“At some point in your life,” Carrey says, “you have to go: ‘I don’t care what it looks like. I’ve found the hole in the psyche and I’m going through and I’m going to face the abyss of not knowing whether that’s going to be okay with everybody.’ ”


Personally I think Jim Carrey spent too many years on the set of ‘Dumb and Dumber’. The psychiatrists are still talking about that too! This dude must think Obama or Hillary are still in office. Wake up Jim!

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